Copacetic Man, AOK

One of the words my high school friends and I would say to sound “important”.

My youngest and I were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner tonight, and he used the word “copacetic” in a really sarcastic manner. So I asked if he knew what it meant.

It turns out he heard it recently, and thought it sounded “important”.

We had a little discussion about his vocabulary, and the importance of knowing what you are saying.

Then I had a bit of a chuckle. “Copacetic”, yea man.

Something to enjoy

My recent dive into new poets, and a close look at beautiful sculpture has uncovered a new word for me.

From the Greek “meraki”. We all know someone who puts love into what they do. It’s so obvious that they are committed to their project that their work just stands out.

It could be seen in a beautiful garden, or photo, or poem, or meal, or the way a home is kept, or the way a team comes together.

Have you enjoyed something recently that had “Love” sprinkled in that just delighted you?

Is there something that you do that you can’t help but put that extra “love” into?

I’m a bit of a homebody. On Saturdays when I clean the house, I’m putting love into the chore. When I’m finished, I sit in my clean home and I feel such a sense of satisfaction and comfort. My home is not fussy, and there are no “untouchable” items here. I’m definitely not a clean freak. It’s just that I grew up in an “untouchable” house and that’s not fun. I strove for something different.

The enjoyment comes when friends and family gather together and they are comfortable. The best compliment I ever got was from my Brothers-in-law Tom and Kenny when at one gathering they remarked that they would come to anything at our house because it was “warm and comfortable”. That’s when I knew that the love I put in was seen by someone else. It was the best compliment I ever received.

Now it’s time for me to put some love into my garden and clean away the spent plants from summer, put out some mulch, and let the soil rest a bit till February.

Neither quiet or loud

I am Neither quiet or loud,

Nor unusually proud

I don’t shrink

But I can think

Which makes me, me.

On days of quiet solitude

I find interruptions rude

When I reach out in kind

I’m so very happy to find

Friends of excellent quality

Friends are difficult to find

The quality I need is rarity of mind

Being unique is a must

And loyalty and trust

Of course they are original

I am neither quiet or loud

My words are precious when found

Spoken in hushed tones

Usually when I am alone

Which is most of the time, anymore

It’s been a long while since words have come flowing. I had to capture them before they wandered away.

Thanks for listening

I’ve got a few things on my mind

First!  I’m so grateful that our lovely blogging buddy Diane from Ladies who lunch came through her surgery well, and is resting and recovering.

Cheers to you and your boobs!  Just in time for Save the TA-Tas month.

Image credit Pinterest.

I finished up my full second week of work still smiling.  I’m a happy girl, actively employed, enjoying getting back to my industry and friends.  I lost some of my desk “stamina”, but I’m sure with time and practice, I can get back in condition.

I’ve forgotten how to pack….so I’m scrambling to get ready to fly to Vegas for a convention.  I may have overpacked.  Fortunate for me, there is great shopping where I’m headed!  That way I can bring a second suitcase home?  I might need to rethink this.

I’m not a gambler by any stretch of the imagination, so I hope I get to Coddywomple around the strip and people watch.

Our group is at the Luxor.  Between the Pyramid, the Eiffel Tower, and the dancing water at the Bellagio, I will have a lot to see.

Cheers all!  Have a great weekend.


That is a funny looking word, Whew.  The more I look at it the funnier it gets.

But as a descriptive, it is a perfect word for this week.  Whew. (emphasis on the airy Wh)

I’m so grateful for my new job.

Gratitude has been bubbling up in me every morning, bouncing me out of bed at 5:15, bouncing me around the house, singing in traffic, and being “all in” for the meetings I’ve been a part of this week.

Will the new wear off?  Probably.

But for now, I’ve got the New Job, Bubbling Up, Happy Feet, gratitude going on.

And, I’m up at 2am on a Saturday morning, looking at the big moon, and feeling pretty good.


Not the greatest capture of the moon outside, but there it is!

Happy Friday

Image from Bored Panda

I hope you have a fabulous day.  Here’s a great word to try out.

Today, I’m grateful for time to haunt the forest and enjoy some beauty and solitude.  I shall indulge my nemophilist tendencies. 

I’m also very grateful for my family, peaceful moments, and my dogs who keep me active.

Words of Wonder

Photo from

Do you ever find a word, and roll it about 

Over your tongue and through your teeth?

Have you ever gazed upon a new word

Lusting to add it to your vocabulary?

Has there ever been a word 

That jumped off a page and into your heart?

Words are wonderful things,

Language is so rich.

Every syllable, every cadence

A trill, a burr, a twang–bringing the word 

To its regional origin.

Words, to lead you down a forest path

To mysteries unknown.

Wordy Wednesday


Sometimes you just need the right word.

May you flourish the rest of the week with Happiness, Health, and Prosperity.

Shalom! (Nothing missing, and nothing broken, peace and wholeness in every form, physical, social, emotional, and financial.)

Changing my mind, one thought at a time

Thoughts are powerful. Spoken thoughts are a thousand times more powerful.

I’ve had some time to examine my thoughts, and decided to get rid of some junk. “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Right?

I’ve had fun playing with my new phone. I could have given up on it, but I pushed through and got it working the way I want it.

I found this week that some texting buddies aren’t great at responding once their initial curiosity has been satisfied. In my way of thinking…they don’t get a response in the future. There is nothing more frustrating than someone texting with a question. You answer and ask them a question, and all you get is silence. What’s that all about?

I had to take control of my imagination this week, and replace some garbage thoughts with something better.

I’m a good friend. I respond right away when a friend reaches out. I reach out instead letting my friends always reach to me. I take care of my friends. My focus with my friends is to celebrate them, and be a blessing.

So, what is the point? I’m grateful today for understanding the difference between a texting buddy and a friend. I’m grateful for the power to choose my thoughts. I’m grateful for my good friends. I’m grateful that I got to learn something new. I’m grateful for good books, good blogs, and the good fuel I need to put good things in my mind.

The lessons of watching my thoughts and words are always timely, always appreciated. I’m grateful for lessons, reminders, and opportunities to build some skills