Happy Friday

Image from Bored Panda

I hope you have a fabulous day.  Here’s a great word to try out.

Today, I’m grateful for time to haunt the forest and enjoy some beauty and solitude.  I shall indulge my nemophilist tendencies. 

I’m also very grateful for my family, peaceful moments, and my dogs who keep me active.

Words of Wonder

Photo from Fubiz.net

Do you ever find a word, and roll it about 

Over your tongue and through your teeth?

Have you ever gazed upon a new word

Lusting to add it to your vocabulary?

Has there ever been a word 

That jumped off a page and into your heart?

Words are wonderful things,

Language is so rich.

Every syllable, every cadence

A trill, a burr, a twang–bringing the word 

To its regional origin.

Words, to lead you down a forest path

To mysteries unknown.