Which Way Photo Challenge 5-16-19

Is it Thursday again already? Oh my goodness.

Thanks Beach for hosting this weekly photo Challenge! Please check out his blog for some really awesome photos, and fun challenges.

Roads, bridges, walkways, signs, stairs, freeways, etc. Here’s my take on it this week. The dry and the wet places I’ve been.

Which Way Photo Challenge 5-9-19

Hi! It’s Thursday, that means it’s Which Way Photo Challenge Time.

Thanks Son of A Beach for having this fun challenge every week.

How people move from place to place on land, signs, bridges, roads, walkways, all the ways we move about.

Here’s my take on it this week.

Which Way Photo Challenge

April 25, 2019

Hello lovely folks! It’s Thursday and time for Beach’s Which Way Photo Challenge!

Roads, signs, trails, walkways, stairs, bridges….how do people move from one place to another on Land?

Here’s my take on it this week.

Which Way Photo Challenge

Is it Thursday already? Time does fly when you are hopping from city to city.

Son of a Beach has a fun photo contest each week. Check out his blog for more details!

The weather has been nasty, and being on the road this week left me in The Dallas, Texas part of the state.

Here’s my take on it this week from The Dallas Cowboy practice facility, The Star, in Frisco, TX.