I’ve got sunshine on a funky Friday.

It’s been a tough week.

Things are never so difficult as dealing with your own mind.

That’s where the battle is won, in the mind.

The battles fought in the mind are horrific, and long.

Sunshine is the best remedy.

Flowers are cheer for the soul.

I’m so grateful to live where I live, in the sunshine, an in abundance of flowers.

Sunny Sunday

The sky so blue, it hurts to stare at it too long, but you have to, cause the moon is still out at 2:30 in the afternoon.

The Magnolia is blooming, along with the Salvia. I love my Henry Duelberg Salvia. It has a great story of being discovered in Central Texas growing in an old Cemetery. Henry and Augusta Duelberg were buried side by side. The blue Salvia was on his grave, the white variety was on hers.

I can’t wait to get more in the ground.

Today, I’m very grateful for cool northern breezes, bright sunshine, and a chance to be outside.

Rain, Sun, snow, hail, missed approaches, and rainbows

A travel story.

Fun and games in travel land.  Last week I was in Florida.

Lovely beach.

This week I’m in California.  Southern California, Sunny Southern California, well at least today it’s sunny.

It started Sunday night.  My flight was scheduled to arrive at 8:30 pm.  But there were storms, poor visibility, and a very bad missed approach for landing.  Talk about a quiet plane.  It was a completely silent plane.  The crew came on the loudspeaker to let us know that we “missed the approach, and would make a 2nd attempt, but the the weather conditions made their instrument readings at the minimum for safety.”

Well yippee.  So me, I pray for the pilots, and for wisdom, but I don’t want to be redirected to an airport 115 miles away from my destination.

We made the 2nd attempt, but you have figured that out already, since I’m writing this post.

So off and running.  The next morning,  I drive into Irvine, Ca for a meeting, it’s raining all the way.  I see a magnificent double rainbow, right on the freeway, and I drive right through it.  

Image credit Pinterest. 

Right into a hail storm.  Pea sized hail pelted me for a full 5 minutes, everything came to a stop.

Image credit Pinterest. 

Then the sun came out.  I shook my head at the quirky weather, and kept my eye on the East, wondering if Jesus was going to make his appearance, or maybe one of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse. 

The weather finally cleared, and although it is cold in Sunny Southern California, it is sunny, and there is snow in the mountains.

What an amazing place.

I’m so grateful today for the opportunity to be on both the east coast,  and the west coast of this great nation, and surviving some really odd weather.

9th Day of Christmas Gratitude

Fall comes a little late to S. Texas

We have our first fall color, and the leaves are dropping.  I realize it looks a bit odd, because the roses, the bottle brush, and the firecracker fern all are blooming.

I’m grateful for our mild temperatures, our beautiful sunshine, and just a hint of fall.

Yes, I’ll have to rake the leaves up, but I get to wear shorts and a T Shirt to do it.

What do I know?

I’ve written about balance so many times, you would think that I would be better at it, but I’m not.

I am learning to follow my heart more effectively.  It’s efficiency leaves much to be desired…

The future is clouded over with an impenetrable mist.  The sun has yet to break forth on what will be.

In the not knowing, the mist is somehow comforting.  Not knowing is OK, for now.

Practicing gratitude is a balm I use regularly, until I figure it out, or till it figures out me.

Today I’m grateful for sunshine, good coffee, thriving bee hives, progress on the barn, and some time to just be.


Beeswax frame

Beeswax frame

This is a horrible picture…undoubtedly.

I wish I had, in the famous word of Emerile Lagasse, ‘Smell-O-Vision’.

Have you ever had something in your hands that held a memory?  The fragrance that came up from these frame inserts, had me transported to another time, perhaps just a wish of a memory.

As I breathed it in, and closed my eyes, I could smell a woodland meadow, clean dirt, a newly mown field, fresh flowers, evergreen trees, sawdust and fresh cut pine…The fragrance of clean water, flowing through a mountain stream, fresh sunshine, and blue skies.

When I’ve traveled through the mountains, after a rain…the breeze that comes up through the passes, through the trees, across everything lush and good….that’s what this wax contained in fragrance.

I wanted to put this in my pillow and let it carry me away to sweet dreams of beautiful mountain trails.  To dream of the peaceful walks through pine needles, wild flowers, aspens, and sweet grass.  To lie in the sunshine with the drowsy drone of bees in the distance, as the wind plays with my hair, and hushes me to a sweet nap.

I could weep the memory that this little, inconsequential piece of wax has evoked.  It’s power is beyond…It’s beyond me.  I don’t ever want to let it go.


Has a fragrance ever brought a memory to you, or a yearning for something?  Have you ever been transported somewhere through a fragrance?

Honeysuckle mornings

Have you ever been walking on a beautiful spring morning when a fragrance catches your attention?

You know the flowers are blooming, but this is something different.  


You follow your nose, around the corner, and see a wonder.

Early blooming honeysuckle vines, hidden from view, but filling the air with their sweetness.

Today, I’m so thankful for the unexpected enjoyment of finding a little gift to enjoy.

Enjoy your day, and I hope you find a treasure.

Keep Austin Weird, and well fed

What a day to be in Central Texas.

I love Austin.  The traffic is horrible, there is always a Nut causing delays.  I mean, what what’s a peanut mobile without a personalized license plate?


What you don’t always realize is that there might be a Midway around the corner.  http://themidwayfoodpark.com 


I’m always hungry but these choices are overwhelming.  Lobster Rolls, Tai Fusion, Street Tacos, yummmm.





Where to sit on such a gorgeous day? A Blue Pony seat?  For sure!




I picked the Pony Bench, I mean, why not?

Once you finish your meal, you could have a custom ice cream sandwich.  I didn’t realize that food product had been elevated to Architecture.



When you have eaten your fill…you can do the responsible thing and go work out.  Enjoy an open air spin class or boot camp work out.   This is a full service Midway.



Remember, this is Austin, Tx and everyone has to be in shape, green, and a foodie.  You can do that all right here at the Midway.  The Midway is located on Loop 360 just north or Barton Creek Mall.  Go….it’s so much fun.  There are horses in the trees.  


I highly recommend the Gyro.



Spring time green

I am always in awe of how many shades of green spring out at once. 

Beautiful day to take a moment and breathe in the spring day. 


Help, my dog is mad at me!

I know that sounds funny!

My Rascal, and yes he is true to his name is very mad at me.

All of the hubbub, travel, funerals, moving furniture in and out of the house, estate sales, working, and all of the other activity going on since last September has taken its toll.

Rascal is officially mad at me.

poolovesyou IMG_3471

It is really hard to imagine that sweet, silly, puppy face actually being mad, but…..it is true!

I got him out for a good walk today.  We were out for just about an hour, almost 3 miles.

We stopped to chat with a neighbor who was working in his yard.  Rascal was not happy.

It’s a beautiful day!  It’s sunny, 55 degrees, light breeze, big walk, seeing friends.  All things to make a Rascal happy.  Nope.  He wanted to keep going, and when I wouldn’t budge….He barfed on my shoes.

Now, he’s pacing wanting to go play frisbee.


I may have to go wear him out chasing the red disk.

Today I’m grateful for sunshine, smart dogs, time to walk, and nice neighbors