Gratitude Sunday


Photo credit John Maxwell Team  Quote:  Robert Louis Stevenson

Sowing seeds of goodness today for the goodness I look forward to receiving tomorrow.

I had gotten out of the habit.

Now I am looking outward.

Being ingrown is painful.

Blah phooey!


What gets you out of bed in the morning shouting “I have to!…”

Other than a child crying….nothing moves me out of bed because I have to.

In the last 22 years of my professional life, I have set goals. I’ve been measured, weighed, met, and not met goals. I’ve been ignored, left to my own devices and exceeded goals. I’ve been at the top of the production chart, and at the bottom. Ironically, I made more money at the bottom.

I’ve been inspected, encouraged, and threatened…it means nothing to my goals. Goals are set to get people to do something, because management has to say something to the board of directors.

It really means nothing other than your bosses’ bonus and over promise of delivery.


There is something that I’ve learned in the last 30 years of being poked, prodded, manipulated, and threatened…..

Everything happens in its time. Nothing I force ever works out. No amount of analyzing “why” makes a difference. No “goal” has ever driven me higher than my own connecting, and being true to myself has ever done.

If I follow another’s path, I make myself foolish.

Authenticity is what creates my opportunity.

So I am grateful today for the ability to read a situation, and work according to what’s needed for my clients, knowing that in the end… will all work out.

New books


So for 2015, I splurged on a couple of titles that will be my friends for the next couple of weeks.

The arctic north wind has made its way into my tropical S. Texas homeland. I have forgotten how to wear a coat.
There is an art to carrying an accessory so large. Getting in and out of the coat. The habit of bundling up is rusty with me. My watch is too large and catches on the sleeve.
I had to practice putting on my gloves. Taking them off, pull the pinky, then the thumb, then follow the fingers down to pull off the glove successfully.

On my sales calls today, a particularly flamboyant receptionist had on rainbow wool gloves. She had to show them off. A high of 44, she was bundled up inside in sweater, scarf, boots, and gloves. She was sweet.

The wind is picking up. The day is winding down. My books are on the edge of my desk….beckoning me to my reading spot.

Maybe an early cup of tea and a chapter or two before dinner.


Today I’m grateful for reviving old skills. I’m grateful for the chilly wind that brings back childhood memories, and kills the bugs.

I’m grateful for successful sales calls, and a good coat to keep me warm on the two or three days a year I get to wear it.

TGIF everyone

My goodness it has been a week. Ups and downs, tears and little successes, good sleep and sleepless nights, exercise and laziness all in one week.

Picture From Authentically Emmie on Pinterest

Spontaneous rhyme by Wendy

The little girl who yearned
For the kind words and praise
Turned into the woman who
Turned to God and learned to love His ways

She falls at times and stumbles
But picks herself up again
For we never fail by falling
But win in rising again

Wondering who she would be
She tried things not her style
She learned who she was not
Which was quite worth her while

She grows confident in herself
Through both success and fights
She finds joy in daily being
Knowing everything will be all right

She has learned one little secret
A simple one at best
Trust in The Lord with all your heart
And He will give you rest.

His gentle voice provides for me
The yearnings of my young girls heart
The words of praise and encouragement
Knowing that we will never part.

Being a work in progress is not a bad thing. I am learning better and better how to dig up the gnarled and ancient root of rejection that has grown throughout my soul. I think that I am starting to make some progress.

As you go into your weekend, I wish you joy, ease, and fun. Hug up all that you love and enjoy them.

It is a new day


A great long weekend, and starting a new week has me focused on where I will be this week. I am having faith in what will be.

Today I am grateful for new clients, new opportunities, and new friends.
I am grateful for the long weekend that was, and making plans to make another long weekend very shortly.

Breathing deeply, I will focus on letting go of all stress, and calming my left eye that has decided to twitch. It might be time for a massage.

For my friend Robin


I have a lovely friend Robin. She lives far away from me, but she is always with me. As we went through a surplus of professional issues together, she had a way of saying “this too shall pass”. Not that I didn’t want to thump her on the head a time or two…she was right.

We are still in the season of waiting for things to “pass” in our industry, but we still have much to look forward.

I’m grateful today for good meetings, rekindling of old contacts, and resurgence of former alliances.

I’m also grateful to be home, with my “funnel of love”, and every thing that will keep me going.


Words matter


Recently I had a little debate over the power of words. Many I know don’t agree with me. That’s ok. We will just have to disagree. I can attest to the fact that words matter. Tone matters. Intent matters. I’m one of those damaged children breaking out of the cocoon binding me into what really matters. As the damage falls away, I fly a little better.

Language is the basic element that makes us most like God. We speak our future, we speak our atmosphere, and what comes out of our mouths shapes our futures.

My family has taught me the importance of words, and how not to use them. My friends have shown me grace with their words. My friends have shown me awesome grace and encouragement.

So I’m grateful today for the good words spoken over me. I’m grateful for the lessons learned from the bad words spoken. I’m most grateful for the words I can read daily that my Heavenly Father has spoken over me that feed my hungry soul.

I’m grateful for the lessons that shape my life.