To my baby on his 24th Birthday

My dear, beautiful, son,

What a magnificent young man you’ve become.

When I see your life in my mind, I see great things for you.

I can see fabulous friendships, a wonderful marriage with someone who will be your full partner, best friend, and fierce protector…yes men need a wife who will protect them just as women need a husband who will their security, and covering.

When I close my eyes, I see many Holidays, vacations, trips, dinners, and birthday parties through the years.

I can imagine a wonderful profession, witty inventions, and fabulous successes for you.

God willing, I see you with your children being a fabulous father, playing games, teaching important lessons, and nurturing your babies to become their best selves.

I pray that we enjoy many good times ahead, laughing, enjoying, and keeping each other strong.

You have become a wonderful man of great heart, beautiful mind, and strong work ethic. I’m immensely proud of you.

Your loving mama.