Something simple 

I needed a little reminder this week. I’ve found myself sensitive and snapping.  It’s not a pretty side of my personality, but when I’m over tired, or stressed I get easily annoyed.  

When I saw this from Kush and Wizdom this morning, I took it for myself.

So Happy Friday.  I hope your weekend is amazing.

Today I’m grateful for reasons to not be annoyed.😉

4th day of Christmas gratitude

Christmas crafts.

I found this picture on Pinterest, and got inspired to make something out of a bag of wine corks I’ve had for a couple of years.

I went through the corks, separating the cheap ones from the dear ones.

Keeping the picture in front of me for inspiration, I fired up the glue gun, started the 1930’s version of A Christmas Carol, and started my project.

A couple hours later, with just a few minor burns from the hot glue, I ended up with a Volcano like version of the original.

I laugh at myself.

I’m grateful today that I can try new things, and laugh at myself when they don’t quite go as planned.

Now that my cork supply is depleted, I’ll have to swing by The Wine Wankers and see what their latest recommendations might be.  So, I can get more corks….and wine.  I need more wine.


Silly Sunday

I’m not sure if it’s all the heat, the sweat, the physical labor, or lack of sleep….but this made me giggle.

The Sun Shines out my Bum.

Ha ha ha.

A spontaneous and improvised dialogue


A few weeks ago, I took my oldest son to the airport. As we headed to the terminals we saw all these signs directing traffic to a “special event”. My son and I both have a rather silly and unusual sense of humor. When I saw the random sign, we had to be silly. This is an actual conversation that developed in a thick Russian accent with plenty of hand gestures.

Me: who has a special event at the airport?

Son: maybe someone important is landing.

Me: who could it be?

Son: maybe it’s Vladimir Putin!

Me: what would Vladimir Putin be doing in Houston?

Son: I think he wants to Annex Texas for Russia.

Me: well, that only makes sense. After all (insert Russian accent) Russians talk funny—Texans talk funny. Match made in heaven.

Son: (big Russian accent) Russians make Vodka–Texans make Vodka. Match made in heaven.

Me. Russians drill oil—Texans drill oil. Match made in Heaven.

Son: Russians have space program–Texans have space program. Match made in heaven.

Me: Russians love socialism–Texans love freedom?

Son: Houston, we have a problem.


One of my dear friends Robin and I had an inside running joke for quite a few years about the stupid things that usually happened to us on Tuesdays.

Here’s for you Robin.

Thanks for your friendship.


TGIF Everyone!

It’s been quite a week. Highs and lows have been everywhere, everyday. Take some time this weekend and enjoy what you love, enjoy who you love, and be at peace.

I used to hide what I enjoy from people who would never in a million years even like me!

I’ve been stepping out in radical ways…some not so nice, but……….I’ve come out of the shadows and no longer care. If you don’t like Gilbert and Sullivan, ok. I do……along with Mozart, Bach, Beetles, Eagles, Tears for Fears, The Police, Neil Diamond, Michael Buble, Straight-No-Chaser, Diana Krall, Dierks Bently, Hal Ketchem, and the Doobie Brothers. I have an appreciation for creative artists. This isn’t an exhaustive list.

I am going to enjoy Gilbert and Sullivan, Pirates of Penzance, The Pirates Who Don’t do Anything, and of course Pirates of the Caribbean!
I have Pirate shoes too. Yes…shoes patent leather flats with skull and crossbones on the toe. They are awesome.

What do you love? What will you enjoy?

Any pirate fans out there? Disney, veggie, Gilbert and Sullivan, or whatever you enjoy. Chime in! I am looking forward to HBO’s new series Black Sails in January. “Vivre le Pirate”.

I’m going to have to indulge this weekend in the 1983 Pirates of Penzance with Linda Rondstadt, Kevin Klein, and Angela Lanbury…’s my favorite! I am the very model of the modern major general!


Guess why?