Spring is coming

When the wind blows through the bowers,

The north wind rattles and rakes the flowers.

The sun is hot but the wind blows cold.

The green is new.

The earth is old.


There is something great about a southern storm. The thunder, the wind changes direction, the sky darkens, and you can smell the rain before it starts.

The humidity is heavy, until it breaks and the lovely rain falls.

The rain is amazing.

Northers, Lord of the Ring, and Taxes

Norther blew in and the temp dropped 20 degrees and started raining.

So I gathered up my income tax file, receipts, et al and started trudging through the taxes.

I gave up when I realized that I’m still missing a K1.

With the wind whistling outside, what could be better than a little Lord of the Rings.

Some days, you just have to find a spot on the couch with the dog, and a blanket, and some good old movies.

Hurricanes, what can you do?

Living in the Gulf Coast of Texas has it’s ups and downs.

We get a very mild winter, early growing season for veggies, it’s lovely and green most of the time, and we enjoy lots of sunshine.

The down side is the Hurricane issue.  Especially in today’s frantic media world, you would think that a Hurricane spells out the Apocalypse.  The end is near!  Run to the store, fill your tanks with gas, board up your windows, we are all going to DIE!  Do you have your towel?  Oh wait, that’s Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Yes, a Hurricane is powerful.  Yes, if you are stupid a Hurricane can hurt you.  No, the weather patterns are not always right.  Yes, you should take precautions in any area of the country that has odd weather things like tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, swarms of locusts, flesh eating bacteria, or killer bees.

We are watching Harvey in the gulf.  He’s a Tropical Storm, no wait, he’s a hurricane, but a weak one, but wait he’s getting stronger, no….he’s getting weaker!  There could be 50 inches of rain!  Well, maybe more like 15 inches of rain.   No wait, Harvey could bounce back into the gulf regain strength and wipe out Texas and Louisiana.  Maybe, it could happen.

So as we hunker down and wait for Harvey to make landfall, and decide which low pressure center he’s going to follow, or if he will bounce back into the gulf and become Harvey Part Deaux, I’m deciding how to use all the food in my freezer so I can stock back up when we get through all this.

My biggest concern?  Not having power or internet on Sunday night, and miss the season finale of Game of Thrones.

Peace Out friends.  Here’s a funny meme of the Hurricane Categories, and what they mean.




Welcome 2017



This made me laugh.  The secret lives of farm critters.  It reminded me of a Far Side Cartoon.

2017 is here.  I’m dedicated to expressing gratitude more often.

Today we woke up to really big Thunderstorms.  The wind whipped in from the north.  The thunder shook the house.  The rain created rivers in the street.  The clouds were dark, dark, purple, and I thought we might be headed toward Tornado warnings.

Then it all stopped.

The clouds cleared out to the most beautiful, warm day.  I sat on the porch in a camisole and shorts, and got some sun.

Nothing like tanning in January.

So, today I am grateful for rain, sun, and something funny to make me smile.

Happy January.


Rainy Conventions and lights in the trees

A few productive days in Dallas, Tx.  Our convention was in a suburb a little north of the City called Plano.  A bad attempt at speaking Spanish by the settlers in the area, so we were taught in our Texas History class.  A little burb where I went to High School many moons ago.

I got to wander around between sessions, and raindrops. It was really pretty with the wet streets and grey skies.  

I’m so grateful the election is over.  It will be interesting to see where we go from here?  Will the “swamp get drained?”  What will those first 100 days look like with a Republican sweep?  Are the establishment “Never Trumpers” shaking in their shiny oxfords?  

I’m also very grateful to be fully occupied with business since Sunday night, and not watching the silly news.

Have or Had


Image credit:  Gratitudehabitat.com


There is something about 2 am.  I get these unusual sparks of energy.  Sometimes creativity comes to tap me on the shoulder, and my mind is off and running.

We spent a hot, muggy, Saturday in the Bee yard.  In the heat, you can feel the blood pulsing through your veins, every heart beat seems like a bass drum banging in my chest.  My ears thrum with the pressure, as the sweat pours down my face, neck, back, and chest.

I appreciate cool water, and cool breezes.

The heat doesn’t bother the bees.  They seem more active than ever.  Each hive has a flurry of activity.  A steady stream of bees landing on the front porch, and taking off.

Bright yellow and white pollen dots their back legs, and fills their pollen baskets.

Prying open the inner cover of The Hive.  (The one where we placed our big swarm captured last spring.)  I have a huge smile on my face.  I look up at my husband and say, “Can you smell the Honey?”

The whole hive is perfumed with the scent of honey.  Pulling frames, we can see how busy these girls have been, and that the recent rains have given them a mid summer opportunity to pack away some sweet nectar.

Riding home from the bee work, sweaty, dirty, and tired.  It’s a good tired.

I’m grateful for the strength and health to work the bees.

I’m grateful for the rain that has brought out natural forage for them.

I’m grateful for a little piece of property where we can get away from the hustle-bustle, and hang out with little critters who make honey.


Not to go all James Taylor, Bees do poop, and other odd things

I’ve seen fire,

And I’ve seen rain.

It’s hard to see in the picture the slow steady rain.  Best day to burn the fallen trees.  We will put some minerals back into the earth.

We are up to 10 Bee Hives as of today.  I’m gob-smacked to say the least, bee bit (5 stings this weekend, not fun), sore, tired, and very thankful for running water after two days of working in the drizzle.

Have you ever noticed when you are running on little sleep, how everything is funny…especially crap?

We got up at 3 am on Saturday to travel to pick up our new bees.  We had to be at the yard at 6:30 am.  We got the girls, and headed back to Hootersville ah em…Halletsville.  Being in a Bee yard, there are bees everywhere. We ended up with some stragglers in the cab of the truck.  

One of the stragglers was enjoying hanging out on on my husband’s phone, then made her way onto his hand.  It was a little chilly, so I think she was looking to warm up.  She did a little dance, stuck her fanny up in the air…I held my breath preparing for her to sting….but she was doing her “poop dance”.  She crapped on my husband’s hand.  I almost peed myself laughing.


Potty humor, I know. But lack of sleep…it makes body functions funny.

So, in a weekend with little sleep, lots of work, lots of driving, and no running water…I’m getting neck deep in a tub and soaking away the stings of life.