Books, books, lovely books.

I’m in a bit of a debate right now. EBook vs Physical book, which provides a superior experience?

I lean towards the real book, but it is more difficult to read after dark, you have to have a good reading light.

When I read, I read till my eyes blur, and I’m sleep deprived. I’ve really been enjoying Vince Flynn recently. His style is a perfect combination of action, adventure, suspence, mystery, and technology. The good guys are flawed (Mitch Rapp is superior to 007 in my humble opinion) and the bad guys are really bad.

This weekend I thought I’d switch gears and read Suzanne Collins Hunger Games series. It was easy reading, but very enjoyable. I was able to finish all three books while the boys were away for the final hunting weekend of deer season. The Hunger Games movies can’t begin to portray all of the details, and left out some characters, but they stayed true to the spirit of the novels. I won’t begin to start my complaints on Peter Jackson’s changes to the Hobbit in the Desolation of Smaug, but it was his movie. His changes inspired me to re-read the Hobbit. That was fun. It was required reading in my 7th grade English class, and I’ve been a Tolkien fan ever since.

Now I’m on the hunt for something new. I love the movie that a good book brings to my mind. Getting entrenched in a story is a wonderful escape from a dreary South Texas winter weekend.

I’m open to suggestions. What are you reading? Ebook, or real book? Let me know!