Not to go all James Taylor, Bees do poop, and other odd things

I’ve seen fire,

And I’ve seen rain.

It’s hard to see in the picture the slow steady rain.  Best day to burn the fallen trees.  We will put some minerals back into the earth.

We are up to 10 Bee Hives as of today.  I’m gob-smacked to say the least, bee bit (5 stings this weekend, not fun), sore, tired, and very thankful for running water after two days of working in the drizzle.

Have you ever noticed when you are running on little sleep, how everything is funny…especially crap?

We got up at 3 am on Saturday to travel to pick up our new bees.  We had to be at the yard at 6:30 am.  We got the girls, and headed back to Hootersville ah em…Halletsville.  Being in a Bee yard, there are bees everywhere. We ended up with some stragglers in the cab of the truck.  

One of the stragglers was enjoying hanging out on on my husband’s phone, then made her way onto his hand.  It was a little chilly, so I think she was looking to warm up.  She did a little dance, stuck her fanny up in the air…I held my breath preparing for her to sting….but she was doing her “poop dance”.  She crapped on my husband’s hand.  I almost peed myself laughing.


Potty humor, I know. But lack of sleep…it makes body functions funny.

So, in a weekend with little sleep, lots of work, lots of driving, and no running water…I’m getting neck deep in a tub and soaking away the stings of life.