I thought I really messed up

The pain snuck up on me one week ago.

It bloomed in my hip, growing bigger and bigger till I just about couldn’t walk.

My left side again. After the Achilles reconstruction, and the frozen shoulder, now my left hip felt like someone was driving a rail-road spike into it. I couldn’t sit, stand, or lie down without severe pain.

There were not enough NSAIDs in the house to make a difference.

I got on my Medical Insurance website, and looked for a Chiropractor.

The funny thing was, I called 4 different offices before I got 1 to actually answer the phone.

They either wanted me to go to their website to book an appointment, or leave a message and they would call me back. Two of them didn’t have an appointment available until the first week of October per their websites, only one called me back…5 days after I left the message. 😡

What happened?

I went to the Chiropractor who answered the phone. The receptionist was adorable. She listened to me, she got me in to see the Doctor within 40 minutes of the call. The Doctor was awesome. He analyzed my posture on a graph, figured out where I was out of alignment. After the initial exam, he adjusted my low back, and recommended a schedule of treatment to get me out of pain. In his opinion, my SI joint was inflamed, and hips were out of alignment, and my piriformis muscles were extra tight. He also set me up with an App that gives me specific strength exercises to do daily to keep my low back from slipping back out of alignment.

I’m happy to say after 3 adjustments, I am almost pain free. Yesterday was the first day in 10 that I didn’t have to take Ibuprofen. I was really happy.

We will reassess next week, and I will probably opt to do monthly maintenance.

He scolded me a bit on my Text Neck, and he’s working on that too.

So here is my Public Service Announcement to spread awareness of Text Neck.

Sit up straight, and think about how you are using your phone. 🤓

From the inside out.

One day this pain shows up. I’m working my shoulders in TRX. Feeling stronger by the day, then this nagging little pain becomes a sharp throbbing pain, then I have to take a break from working out.

My doctor was a riot. “How long have you had this pain?” When I told him it started in April, he didn’t miss a beat “So you rushed right in.”

I told him I go to doctors for big things like child birth, and Achilles reconstruction. The only times I’ve ever been in the hospital!

He did think that was funny. I liked him immediately, and it didn’t hurt that he was really a cutie! Doctor Eye Candy.

So this lovely picture of my shoulder shows a bone spur in the joint where the mouse arrow is. It only affects me when I have to use my left arm to do little things like, close car doors, pick up groceries or children, cook, clean, put on a seat belt. I can still type, talk, and be my general charming self.

The next step is an MRI because, if a bone spur wasn’t stupid enough, I may have a tear in my bicep. Yippee. There goes my weekend plans of Arm Wrestling! I’ll just have to wrestle right handed.

Working out is fraught with peril, just be warned. This is the second time I’ve gotten to a great level only to be side lined with surgery.

So, what can I be grateful for at this point?

First, I’m grateful that it’s my left shoulder, and not my right. I’m grateful it’s not reconstructive surgery. I’m grateful for a fabulous doctor that had me in and out of the first visit in less than an hour, and that was with the new patient paperwork! They were absolutely fabulous! Best doctor visit ever! Even if it wasn’t great news, I’m glad to know what’s wrong, and that it’s fixable.