Help, my dog is mad at me!

I know that sounds funny!

My Rascal, and yes he is true to his name is very mad at me.

All of the hubbub, travel, funerals, moving furniture in and out of the house, estate sales, working, and all of the other activity going on since last September has taken its toll.

Rascal is officially mad at me.

poolovesyou IMG_3471

It is really hard to imagine that sweet, silly, puppy face actually being mad, but… is true!

I got him out for a good walk today.  We were out for just about an hour, almost 3 miles.

We stopped to chat with a neighbor who was working in his yard.  Rascal was not happy.

It’s a beautiful day!  It’s sunny, 55 degrees, light breeze, big walk, seeing friends.  All things to make a Rascal happy.  Nope.  He wanted to keep going, and when I wouldn’t budge….He barfed on my shoes.

Now, he’s pacing wanting to go play frisbee.


I may have to go wear him out chasing the red disk.

Today I’m grateful for sunshine, smart dogs, time to walk, and nice neighbors