Love is a constant

The ups and downs of loving people. After National Grouch Day, I’m sure that I’m doing better today than yesterday.

As Scarlett O’Hara says “tomorrow is another day”. Thank Goodness.

One of those days

Cause on a Thursday, I’m wearing my tiara, drinking wine, And I’m really craving a cooking and some love.  The evening is still young. Got a cookie?
How is your Thursday wrapping up?

Poe Knows

Yesterday’s burst of enthusiasm, energy, and effort left me wiped out.

My man, ever the thoughtful soul, decided he wanted the day off too.

It’s chicken soup all around, and fresh bread. 

Because we love with a love that is more.

I made the soup, and baked the bread, and we just enjoyed the day.

Love lists


One of my favorite preachers was focusing on Mark 12:31, loving your neighbor as you love yourself…he stopped and posed something interesting.  He said, “so if you don’t love yourself, your neighbor is in big trouble.”

Have you ever been challenged, questioned, queried on what you love?

Did you list yourself?

Do you think your neighbor would be better off if you loved yourself a little better?

Something that I’ve really struggled with.  Love was always an outward projection, something for others, I would have never thought of listing my name on any list.  A paradigm shift for sure.

Suddenly, Grace flows

Happy Friday!

I hope your Friday is full of Grace and Peaceful enjoyment to usher you into a fabulous weekend.

Today I’m supremely grateful for a lunch date with my Zumba buddies today, time this week with my oldest friends.  Sara took me to breakfast, and fed me body and soul.  She encouraged me and lifted me up.  Cheryl and I went to lunch and laughed and told stories like we were still 19 year old college students.  To think that I’ve been blessed with friends that are so wonderful, when we get together, it’s like no time has passed.  We just pick up where we left off.

I was actually social this week.  I got dressed, got out, put on makeup, and interacted face to face with people!  Amazing.  It was like coming out of a dark cave into the light.

I even got a note from my lovely Friend Yvonne.  I have to call her to catch up.  I miss her.

I’m grateful for my business friends who have sent my resume out to their contacts with their recommendations of me.  I now have 3 interviews next week.  My cup runs over.  

How did I get so blessed?  It’s so humbling to receive this kind of love.  The beauty surrounds me and overwhelms me.  I thank God, He is soooo good to Wendy, especially when I don’t deserve it.  He never gives up on me.

Also, I’m thankful today for my WordPress family and the wonderful encouraging comments this week.  Love to you all.

He is Risen indeed!


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Happy Easter, He is risen indeed!

My favorite “he is risen” story is in Acts when he walks with the two on the road to Emmaeus.  The two were so sad because Jesus had been crucified, and they didn’t recognize him.  But Jesus being Jesus didn’t leave them sad, he revealed himself and gave them the assurance of his triumph.

I haven’t “seen” Him, but I believe He’s alive and that His love is the greatest gift in my life.

Enjoy your day.

Love my man


I have an awesome husband. He’s a surprise every day. Just bragging on him a little…he’s a practical man. He never hesitates to help me. He gets up early and makes the coffee. He gets the dogs outside, and gets out the door by 6 am. He works hard, and in the last 23 years I’ve known him, he’s missed 6 days of work due to illness. He’s funny, he always puts 100% of himself in everything. He’s a problem solver, and a creative artist with an engineering mindset. He can also dance. When we go dancing…I will waltz with the man, as often as I am able.

He’s the man I prayed for. After I divorced in the early 90’s, I prayed for a man who could look in my face, and tell how I feel….that’s a two edged sword. Yes he always can read me, and no I can never hide how I feel from him.

He shows me how he loves me through “acts of service”. That’s his love language to me. He will vacuum, do dishes, laundry, whatever he can to show me how much he cares.

I’m a very blessed woman, and I’m so grateful for a good man.

Appreciate the people in your life, and watch how much your love for them grows!