This girl needs a J.O.B.

Bored……I’ve cleaned house, got oil changed, walked dogs, bees are good, wax rendered, laundry done, floors mopped, closets cleaned, Zumba’d, Yoga’d, and ready to go to sleep at 6pm, and that was after a 2 hour nap.  I even took all the Knicks knacks out of the cabinets and dusted inside the cabinets.

There has to be something good out there.

I’m so grateful that I can find things to do while I’m looking.


it’s been a week.  

After witnessing the community outpouring for Deputy Goforth.  After going to a funeral with 11,000 people.  Seeing the beauty and strength of a young mother, widowed too soon.  Seeing lovely children send their father off with tribute.  After loving up my family and letting them know how much I appreciate them…….it happened.

A whiner.  A complainer.  A dark cloud of negative energy imposed themselves into the sunshine that I had walked myself.

I have something special for them .

Cheers to keeping complaints to yourself.  You have no clue what someone next to you may be going through, as I have no clue.

I’m so grateful today for clearer perspective, a smidgen more wisdom, and an opportunity to give to someone else’s life.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Isn’t it about what we give?  What we sow?  

What if the Random Act of Kindness we give was the ultimate reward we receive?

What would you do different?

Please share. 

Ebb and flow of creativity

I’ve started several posts in the last week or so, only to abandon them.

It got me pondering on inspiration, and trolling various websites, books, and magazines looking for something to “spark” a rambling, or a musing.

Then I thought about it.  Why am I so worried about this?  What dictates what I write and when?  Don’t I relish those moments when words flow, and I enjoy the guidance of Spirit over determination, effort, and thought?

So……until I get back with the good flow of creativity, this blog will not be very active.

Wishing all of you lovely people every good thing until we meet again.

I will enjoy reading your posts until mine come back.