The sun came up

Image from Pinterest.

Today is another day. The sun came up. My Dolly has her tail in high gear waiting to greet me.

Let’s see what kind of good things I can find today.

As difficult as life can be, I’m determined to look for some good today.

Maybe I’ll head out to the farmers market, and make something yummy?

Monday focus

Waking up today in a sweat, moody, and uncomfortable

The grumble was poised on the edge of my lips.

I clapped my hand over my mouth,

Before I ruined my day.

Today I am grateful for a little self-control.

My purpose is to look for the good things that can happen.

Image found on Pinterest. 

Defining Gratitude

Image credit:  YBL

I thought this was one of the best definitions of gratitude.  It’s a mindset that directs, not a reaction to circumstances.

There are days, like yesterday when I had to make my mind up to focus on gratitude, and be grateful inspite of how I was feeling.  

My sincerest wish is that you have the most amazing day, and whatever comes your way you can hold on to the things, memories, and people that you are most grateful for.