Are you a dim bulb?

Dim Bulb…it was a cut, a slight, a disparaging remark to insult someone if you called them a dim bulb.

I realized why we couldn’t see well to read at the kitchen table.

Not only were two burnt out, but two more were quite dim.  Can you see the reflection in the bulb?

Darn you dim bulb.

Today I’m grateful for light, and the ability to have more light for the Holidays.  

Oh, and tall, handsome sons to reach things too tall for the mama.  That’s awesome.



This picture I found on Pinterest.  I saved it, and I go back to it from time to time.

When I get dark in my thoughts, it helps me fight back into light and positive thinking. 

I had a lovely breakfast today with a dear friend.  It was so amazing how peaceful and normal I felt with her.

She gave me such wonderful encouragement to get out of my cave, and live.

Thanks Sara.

Seeking the light


Today, I am grateful for breath, life, heartbeat, and a sun that came up.

Little sparks of creativity smolder in the hearth of my heart.

My hopeful spirit breathes into those coals, fanning a small flame.

Rebounding back to gratitude


Returning to gratitude phase…paying attention to life and people is dragging me down to far into a depth that has no return. I can go no further, or I will have a more difficult journey back.

Today I am thankful for friends who ask about me indirectly…..may I say to them please be direct, I cherish you dearly.

I am coming through a difficult patch, there are more difficulties ahead. I will use these times, like exercise equipment, and come out a bit stronger on the other side.

Keep looking forward.

Today I am grateful for questions, exercise, and strength to keep going.

Thanks my friends.