Foggy days-daze

Ever have one of those ‘foggy’ days, when thoughts are fleeting and lost?

Yesterday I was in a foggy daze.

I got lost.

I got found.

I messed up every time I turned around.

It’s not me.  That’s not who I am.

Who is it then?

Shaking off the fog, I was watching myself as if I was someone else.

I had to laugh at myself to keep from a dark and sinister condemnation.

What is worse then tearing your own self down?

My big challenge:  to speak to myself, about myself, in caring and supportive tones.

That’s not easy.

But…..(don’t you just cringe at the but?)

BUT!  I am sharp, well thought out, decisive, articulate, funny, resourceful, practical, forgiving, and kind.  I am confident, capable, well able to get from point A to point B without getting lost.  I see detail, and have a great memory.  I don’t fail, I learn.  I can do this, even when it’s foggy.

Do you ever have to stop internal dialogue?  How do you turn it around?IMG_2216

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What’s the password?

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Ah the cell phone.
Business requirement: 6 apps
Personal connection : phone numbers, pictures
Creative outlet: word press app
Recreation: all my silly games

Recently, have you noticed the number of updates?
They happen all of a sudden, and then something on your phone changes.
An application is moved, or changes faces.

This year, 2014, I challenged myself to learn something new. So I gave up my IPhone and decided to learn the Android way of communicating.

It went reasonably well. The sound quality was hit and miss. It was more difficult to download music between my ITunes, and the android app I was using. I did enjoy the photos the Galaxy 3S took, and I found that I the Galaxy 3S was easier to put down.

What I wasn’t expecting Saturday morning was a new feature after a software upgrade.

My Galaxy3s required a password. I stood looking at the screen perplexed. My business apps all require passwords to use, so I never password protected the initial screen. There is no financial apps on the phone, and I am not that interesting that I would lock my husband out of my phone. I am not a big text user, and my (make believe) boyfriend only speaks Japanese. My husband would never suspect, or understand what was being said. I am clever that way.😝

So back to this password requirement…..I had no clue. I tried my usual suspects, nothing. After the 5th failed attempt….locked out.

I contacted my carrier, and to my surprise they didn’t know why the password requirement appeared either. The only remedy they could offer was a “factory restart”.

That would mean wiping the phone clean. Fortunately, I had most of my goodies were backed up, and retrievable. But I would have to get with my IT dept immediately Monday morning to initiate the business apps so that I could work.

I got through the factory restart on Saturday, and I restored my contacts and photos. BUT! Nothing worked the way it worked before. The speaker went out, and no one could hear me. It would shut down mysteriously. By Sunday all sound was gone on the phone, no ringing, no keyboard, no speaker, nothing.

So what did I do first thing yesterday? I went and got myself an IPhone 5s. I would have had to wait 3 days for the 6 to be shipped, and I had projects due this week. Got to work, after all.

So what did all this “learning something new” teach me this year? I learned to stick with the IPhone.


You notice that I made it out of the building before writing about it?

Today I am grateful for things that work.

I think I need new glasses

I fly at least twice a month. I usually fly Southwest. I know the routine. I get through TSA like an obedient member of the traveling herd.

Somehow I found myself in a new airport, and I didn’t read the gate assignment right on the monitor, and thought I was in the wrong terminal. This airport is under construction, and I couldn’t move from terminal A to B without exiting TSA and having to go back through.

I should have looked closer at the monitors, or at least shown someone my boarding pass, because I ended up taking a long walk for nothing and going through TSA twice.

So friendly advice for travelers. Different airlines take off at the same time for the same city. Two 10:35 flights to the same large city are not uncommon.

Don’t exit TSA until you confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt you have to. The line was twice as long the second time through.

If I had been running late this would have sent my stress levels over the edge. But as it was, I had plenty of time, I had a good walk, and I learned a lesson I should have already known.

Yes, TSA will look at you closer if you come back through twice. Why would anyone want to do that? Check your gate assignments carefully!

I chose to leave my terminal, I had to get over the consequences of my choice.


3rd thought for Thanksgiving

It’s Monday, the grocery stores are filled to the brim with Turkey Shoppers, foodies, and the lost.

It’s always amusing to me to see the easily agitated in the grocery store. They are generally herding a small flock..the ultimate picture of a failing multi-tasker. Try as they might the little Crunchers elude, and antagonize, and successfully get on that parent’s last nerve.

I came across such a lovely woman earlier today. The funny part of this was she was completely oblivious to the fact that she was in a crowded grocery store, and got mad at me that I was trying to move past her as she yelling instructions to her teenager in the next aisle. It didn’t occur to her that she was blocking the whole seafood aisle, and no one could pass through to poultry, or that there were 7 or 8 of us stacked up waiting to get by. I said “excuse me” 4 times as I eased closer trying to get her attention. The two little ones with her were spinning the steering wheels on the Shopping cart car in a mad attempt to race away. You would not believe how difficult it is to describe to a teenager 20 feet away the type of red pepper you need them to find, how to bag it, and how to find the product code so they can use the conveniently provided label maker in the aisle.

As she berated me for being in a hurry, the crowd behind me that hurried to file past in my wake, gave me nice applause.

Poor woman…I wonder what it must be like to have so much to deal with that you get so distracted to the glaring obstacle that you become in public? Still….she was obviously stressed, and could have been treated a little better.

In hind sight, I wish I had just tapped her on the shoulder, and asked if I could get by.

This is the season for kindness. Yes, people get stressed and weird, but I could not say that I could do better than she with her load of love-able distractions. I could have been more sensitive.

I’m grateful for lessons. I’m thankful for Moms who are attentive and instructive to their children. I really hope that mom has a good evening and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

So I hope that if I’m in a similar situation, I can show a little more grace….as much as I liked the applause.