Ready for Halloween?

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Do you get dressed up for Halloween? Do you decorate?

Since my kids, and most of the neighbor’s kids have grown up, Halloween has slowed down in the neighborhood.

This year, one of our professional groups is having a bowling party, and we are supposed to dress up. Bowling, and dress up….Not the first thing I would pick to do on a Thursday evening. I can manage for 3 hours, I hope. The crash of bowling pins is not my favorite sound.

I ordered a queen bee costume, but I hate it. I think I will keep the wings, the sash, grab my birthday tiara and make a go of it.

Halloween used to be fun, but it holds nothing for me anymore without little kids coming to the door, full of fun and anticipation.

OMg, it’s only 12:30 on a Tuesday

I’ve been running since yesterday morning, tearing up my To-Do List, attending meetings, working out, cooking, cleaning, doing the NAPMW financial report for September, conference calls, reports, having sushi with my buddy Kimberly.

I looked at the clock a few minutes ago…….It’s only 12:30 on a Tuesday and I’ve done enough in a day and a half that it is justifiably Thursday morning at least. Just saying.

Can I just skip ahead? Can I pass Go and collect my $200 please?

Welcome 2017



This made me laugh.  The secret lives of farm critters.  It reminded me of a Far Side Cartoon.

2017 is here.  I’m dedicated to expressing gratitude more often.

Today we woke up to really big Thunderstorms.  The wind whipped in from the north.  The thunder shook the house.  The rain created rivers in the street.  The clouds were dark, dark, purple, and I thought we might be headed toward Tornado warnings.

Then it all stopped.

The clouds cleared out to the most beautiful, warm day.  I sat on the porch in a camisole and shorts, and got some sun.

Nothing like tanning in January.

So, today I am grateful for rain, sun, and something funny to make me smile.

Happy January.


Sunday funny

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I’m plinking away on Pinterest this morning, chatting with my son and I saw this.  It struck me so funny, that I had to share it.

It’s going to be a great day.  I love when Sunday starts with a laugh.