A little get away

I was excited to get away from the Houston heat to Denver, and what do you know? The heat came with me. 100 degrees in Denver when we landed, no cars at Avis even when I prepaid for my rental…….

Things started off rough, especially since I was traveling with my husband.

He went with me on my sales calls on Friday before we drove to the mountains. I think he has a different perspective now on what I do…..he now knows that I drive a lot, talk a little, go to dinner occasionally, and answer a lot of email.

We drove to Rye, CO. Up the mountain road thru the San Isabel National Forest to Lake San Isabel to a lovely remote cabin.

Lake San Isabel.

The view from the porch.

It was off the roof from the cabin, so it we didn’t have to worry about bears. The owner warned us not to keep any food in the car, bears have been known to open unlocked car doors and ransack the interior for food.

We hung out at our cousins cabin too, and had a treat watching some Turkeys.

There were 2 hens and 10 babies. They were funny!

We saw mule deer, Big Horn Sheep, and lots of beautiful country.

On a hike with our cousin, he kept pointing out poop. Deer poop, Elk poop, Bear poop. The more he pointed out poop, the happier he and my husband became. He would show us how the bears had ripped up some old tree trunks, and stumps looking for termites. He would show us where the mountain lions would hide if they were stalking us. We saw a pretty nice mountain lion paw print in the soft mud.

I got a little nervous, and was definitely out of breath in the altitude. I have to say….the poop was interesting.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the humming birds that were interested in my red toe nails. I was reading a book on the porch, and I felt this flutter on my toes. Looking up I had a humming bird hovering over my feet, looking for a flower, or another humming bird feeder. I didn’t have my camera handy. It would have been a cool shot.

A storm blew through early Saturday evening. I had forgotten how the thunder sounds in the mountains.

Sadly, we had to come home.

It was a nice get away. No internet, no phones, just fresh air, mountains, and enjoyment.

Who needs boot camp?

105 degrees, landscape timbers need to be moved to make room for the barn….

Water?  Check.

Gloves?  Check.

Shovel to kill snakes?  Check.

Oh, boy…I’m not sure if this City girl is up for this task.

But, I can’t be some hothouse flower.  I’ve got to pluck up my gumption, and get this done.

Gotta separate the rotten, warped, and broken pieces.

40 good pieces salvaged from the ancient pile.

Worked the biceps, got in plenty of squats, heart rate going really well, and a humongous amount of perspiration. 

I did it!  Yea!  I’m not going to be able to move tomorrow, but…I got it done!

I’m so grateful I didn’t give up.  I’m grateful for the strength to work on our property.  I’m grateful I pushed through.  I’m supremely grateful for shade where I had to be.

What do you do when you can’t make it to the gym?

How do you motivate yourself for an unfamiliar task?