Get to vs. Have To

I’m so grateful today:

I got to wake up.

I get to breathe.

I got to play with my dogs.

I got to worship.

I got to pray (especially for my friend who hates me and thinks I’m the most terrible person made, yes…I prayed for you today.)

I get to drive a car.

I get to live in a time of TV, Internet, and Ice-cream.

I get to write a blog post.

I get to be alive in this time of freedom, and prosperity..tenuous as it is.  

I get to clean my house.

I get to cook for my family.

I get to be here.  

I get to help people!  Even if I don’t get credit, I get the joy of it!

I get to give blood, for free till July 6th anyway.

I get to help my neighbors.

I get to be a friend.

I get to express my opinion, even when it pisses people off.  But that’s kinda fun…I’m not sorry about that, pissing people off… or for expressing my opinions.  I will express my opinions, like them or not.  Your response is not my responsibility.

I get to be here, and it’s all good.

Aren’t you glad that we live in a time of ‘get to’ instead of ‘have to’?  

It makes you smile, yea.



Be my Unromantic Valentine?


I got up early to get the fixins for our Valentines dinner we will have on Monday.

Yes, Monday.

The grocery store had the Big Tent in the parking lot, the cashier set up in the floral dept.

The men in line looked….unhappy. I felt a bit bad for them.

Like the commercialism of Christmas, Valentine’s Day seems to bash people over the head with “have to”, “supposed to”, and “you better”….

I was tempted to tell those poor souls in line for their overpriced roses, hydrangeas, and carnations that Romance doesn’t come from the store. Maybe it’s just a little bit more?

My loving man is off working at the deer lease. Yep, he’s snuggling up to deer feeders, feed pens, food plots, and deer stands. He even went to the dump. Yep! My man at the dump on Valentine’s Day. He is the epitome of the Romantic Fool.

We didn’t exchange cards. There were no trips to the jewelry store, no candy, no candle lit dinner, no overpriced flowers.

Does my man love me? You bet he does.

Do I love my man? More and more every day.

He shows me everyday how he cares about me. He adores how I care for him.
Heck, clean the bathrooms, dust the house, and vaccum….it is the balm for his weary soul. If I weed the front flower beds, he’s kissing my hands and whispering pretty love words!

On a limited time schedule, my gift to him was room to breathe. No “have to, ought to, or you better!” A kiss at the door, and flirting on the phone.

Room to do what needs to be done is the best Valentine’s Day gesture I can give him.

Romance at its best. Personal, genuine, and no strings attached.

Gifts from the heart, not from the store,

Happy Valentine’s Day!