Grateful today

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Yesterday was a hectic whirlwind of activity. Vacuum, mop, dust, Grocery store, laundry, and a Pork Shoulder done in the crock pot, with my first attempt at Naan bread. Everything came together like a symphony.

I love a full day, and climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets. There is a definite feeling of well being and sleepiness.

You might be thinking….”Wendy, you worked all day! What are you grateful for?”

I guess I’m grateful that I can. I have the physical, and mental ability to get things done. I’ve always enjoyed that moment, when the house is clean and I sit for a moment in pure satisfaction….even knowing it will soon be dirty again, but for now it is clean.

Good for your soul

Happy Wednesday!

March is dwindling fast.

2018 is 1/4 gone already.

Spring is springing in most places.

Before the week is done, do something that makes your soul happy. Do something good for you.

For some of us, this means being quiet.

For some of us this means getting away.

For others it means doing something for someone else.

Whatever feeds your soul, and is good for you take a little time and do that.

What feeds your soul?

Happy start to a happy week

Happy tea.


I’ve always been a fan of Tea. Iced, green, black, chamomile, licorice, peppermint, all tea is fair game when it comes to drinking.

I had never considered that Tea could enhance your mood.

From the makers Your Tea comes a line of mood teas. So I had to try it.

Happy Tea is a blend of herbs and black tea. Quite mild in flavor.

Did it “make me happy”? Well, let’s just say I found the familiar routine of setting the kettle, and enjoying a cup a great pleasure. My smile lasted a wee bit longer while I went about my new year pantry cleaning.

A couple hours later, I am still quite pleased with myself and content.

If being happy is good for my health, I will have to continue to enjoy my Happy Tea.

Wordy Wednesday


Sometimes you just need the right word.

May you flourish the rest of the week with Happiness, Health, and Prosperity.

Shalom! (Nothing missing, and nothing broken, peace and wholeness in every form, physical, social, emotional, and financial.)

It’s almost May! Plants, Motorcycles, and all good things.

I love Spring. We have cucumbers coming up, squash putting out secondary leaves, tomatoes coming on, parsley being all herby, onions, a new strain of spinach that can take more of our Texas weather.

We put in some new plants, and they are happy, and our roses are having happy dances in the front yard. Don’t get me going on the society garlic, the Guara, the Lantana, and the sweet Allisum.

There is just something happy and joyful about May that gets me ready to jump up and down.

It helps that the weather has been so sweet that I have gotten out on my new motorcycle. I had my first “maiden voyage” two weeks ago. I backed the bike out of the garage, put on my helmet and took a ride without my husband. It was an important first step for me. A residential ride for sure, but it was all me.

The next day, He and I took a terrific ride down a very curved road. 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. I’ve lessened my death grip on my handle bars, but with the mini apes, I’ve got to pull them back just a little more to make them more comfortable. I’ve gotten more comfortable with my right hand turns, and my lean is getting less amateur. I’m not fumbling so bad with my signals either.

I’m so excited to get out more often. I want to grow my skills, and get proficient in this crazy Houston area. It’s a high alert zone for sure. But with so many great riding days here, I want to participate every time I can.




I’m ready for some ridiculous fun.

YES! That is my new bike.

YES! That is a sweet peach color verbena for our front yard.

I’m very grateful today for so many things from the weather, to my garden, to my opportunities to enjoy riding with my husband.

It is a milestone year, it is a breakthrough year, it is a break away year, and it is a year to embrace the ones you love dearly.

What are you enjoying this year? What are you anticipating this Spring?

1 year, 85 followers, 153 posts, 14 re-posts

Just grateful. I never thought I could have 85 lovely folks willing to follow along. Thank you so much.

I never thought I would get comments. My goodness…..I’m speechless at your kindness.

I’m sure there are bloggers out there who have eclipsed my numbers, but I didn’t do this for numbers, so I will just be thankful.

So I won’t despise the small beginnings. I will Celebrate and Shout “I have blogged for a year, and had fun!”

Yea Me!

Thanks to the 85 who have visited and liked and commented!

Big Smooches. I will do my best to keep it real. This is just me.


Emotional decisions


I’ve reached an age where this makes me smile. I was never good at following my heart, I was uber-responsible. It was easy to put myself last. I could rationalize why I could wait, do without, or walk away. I’m talking out-of-balance, responsible for everything, including other people’s problems, and I was miserable.

I’m at a point now, where I’m searching my heart to find what I love….but I want to be smart about it so I don’t get out-of-balance on the other side.

I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had, and the lessons learned along the way.

I’m ready for my heart to start talking to me, and engaging my brain to make sure that I am fully balanced.