A couple of Days in the Bee yard

A tale of 4 Queens, my own Game of Thrones Episode!

We started off with 4 new Queens, to reclaim our right to the Iron Throne. Ha. Not really.

We have a bit of an issue with Africanized Bees in our apiary. If something happens to one of our queens, and the hive Re-queens itself, that new queen mates with the local drones, and we end of with a very aggressive, angry hive. We have to keep careful eyes on our girls, or they could end up in a bad relationship! We don’t need any useless sons of incest here! You are welcome Sansa.

In Bee-Keeper folk lore, hive hygiene comes from the queen, and attitude comes from the drone. Most of the bee keepers in our area Re-Queen every year for the angry bee issue. What we have to do to grow our bee population is to the split our big hives, and add a new queen.

Regicide, is how we eliminate the 1 Angry Queen. It was a Kings Landing scene. The City was sacked. The population were turned out in search of the queen, and she was left in a rubble heap. This hive, being so aggressive, we had to take extreme measures to ensure that we got the queen.

We leave that hive queen-less for at least 24 hours, and then introduce them to a new queen via a queen cage. She is protected by the cage, the hive gets used to her particular pheromone, and then she and her entourage are released into the hive to reign. This angry hive was more docile and cooperate after the destruction. I’m very hopeful for good success.

We had one hive that had obviously lost their queen, and couldn’t make a new one. We cleaned that one up, and introduced them to their new Khaleesi. They were so sweet. We gave them two new frames of brood, and got rid of a wax worm infested frame. And we gave them some new sisters to help them get reestablished.

The we took two of our really big hives, and borrowed some brood, and some of their lovely bees, and made two new hives. We created two new boxes from there, and added our lovely young queens to guide them on their journey. Our Wildlings making new residences South of the Wall.

Sorry for all the corny Game of Throne references, but they seemed appropriate.

It was really hot and sweaty work. 88 degrees and 80% humidity gave us heat indices into the high 90’s. Winter is not coming here for a while.

This is what I’ve got right now!

A Blessed Memorial Day Weekend to all. God Bless all those that fell in combat and their families. We thank you all for your service and sacrifice.