On Women’s day, this woman has her Man’s back

Nothing brings out the warrior in me like seeing my family hurt.  It doesn’t matter if it is a splinter or an automatic weapon, nobody messes with my boys.  Not my sons, not my husband.  They are mine, and I am theirs.

So when a harridan bared her fangs against my husband…..you got it, Warrior Wendy emerged from the ashes to bring down a fiery wrath upon the offender.

When my very big, handsome, strong, loving, capable, generous, amazing man gets upset….I’m transformed into a warrior.  He is too much a gentleman to strike back against a female, it’s a good thing I’m no gentleman. 

So on this Women’s day, there are women out there that suck, they suck joy, life, peace, and life out of people.

Just cause you are a woman, your behavior will label you.  If you hurt my boys, my man, you will pay. I will be on guard against you.  I have his back, because I am a good woman, and I stand with my men, my family.  

Happy Woman’s day to all you great Women out there.  Who love, protect, defend, nurture, work, provide, and enjoy your families.