Gopher what? A Caddy Shack moment in the suburbs.

We started seeing these little dirt mounds…they were quite mysterious.


Was it a mole? How many were there? Would they kill the trees?


Nope it’s a Gopher, and they could be quite destructive to everything.

So my husband, the hunter, decided to Get that Gopher.

He tried traps.

He tried moth balls to drive the critters away.

We read that there is a type of snake that could “get that gopher”, I wasn’t up to dealing with snakes.

There are poisons…couldn’t do that, it could hurt the dogs if they found it.

(Bill Murray Caddy Shack

In the end, my hunter man uncovered the tunnel, sat in wait, and came face to face with the tunneling terror tearing up the turf!

(Bill Murray Caddy Shack

Then shot him with a pellet gun.

True story.

Life in the suburbs can be very dangerous for gophers.