Tolkien on my mind.

Today the Movie Tolkien is out for streaming. Of course I bought it, and have watched it again.

It got me wondering about his fellowship. And I ordered his friend’s book of poetry, “A Spring Harvest” by Jeffery Bache Smith. It’s actually available on Amazon, probably because JRR Tolkien wrote the forward.

Tolkien was required reading for me in 7th grade…..The Hobbit was my entree into Tolkien’s world.

My family had just moved to Texas, and I didn’t have any friend yet, so I found my friends in books. What a better way to enjoy friends than to disappear into Middle Earth and travel along with Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarves of Erebore.

What I adored the most was the sense of honor, nobility, friendship, good vs evil, the contributions all can make. Oh, plus the language, the poetry, were big attractions for me. It was simple, but really compelling language that still speaks to kids today.

Reading more, and learning more about Tolkien has been fabulous.

I found this quote that I thought was perfect for today.

Gifts from my heart

The bags are stuffed and ready to go,

It’s Go-time for the client gifts to be given out.

I loaded up my car with the offerings; the lovely soap, the lotion bars, and scrubber gloves. A hand written note on the ingredients, a little demonstration on the lotion bar, a little warning on how long it takes for the heavy lotion to sink into the skin, and lots of hugs. My favorite kind of sales calls.

I got my first review today. It’s the most amazing thing to give something from your hands and heart and for it to be well received. My client, and friend Staci tried the soap, lotion, and scrubber gloves last night. She even scrubbed her face! The loofah gloves probably aren’t the best thing for the face, but whatever works for her!

A happy client, a happy Wendy…..A Win-Win all around.

Love letters

Love letters.

Has anyone ever written you a love letter?

Have you ever written one?

My heart has burst over a love letter written to me.

My heart has broken over love letters I’ve written to others when the feelings weren’t mutual.

Right now, my heart hurts over a letter I never wrote, and now, I don’t know what we are. Things are paused.

In my mind, he was the one who should have run down the aisle when I got married in 1986 yelling “I object”. He never did that, but I like to think he would have, if I had recognized him sooner.

If he had, I would have never met my husband, or had the wonderful life I have now.

We’ve been friends for so long. Which is the right course. I still love him. He and I are too much the same person occupying two different bodies to ever get along for very long. We would not be compatible. But I still love him.

He likes to say we’ve shared ‘past life experiences’. Like two war buddies sharing a fox hole in WWI. I don’t believe that, but I humor him.

We think of each other at the same time, and we text. Sometimes he gets his text in first while I’m in mid thought. Sometimes I do. And he’ll call and laugh, and say ‘why are you thinking of me, when I’m thinking of you?”

It’s just how we roll.

We were friends. We are friends. He’s had a bad medical report. He’s been in treatment for Cancer for about a year, and things aren’t getting better.

He calls me when he’s on his pain meds. He shares his heart. He loves his wife. She’s an amazing, wonderful person. I’m so glad to know her, and she is perfect for him.

This is love, when you love someone so much that you would never hurt them, or anyone else that they love. Because real love doesn’t hurt people. Real love just loves people without interrupting or wreaking havoc.

Right now, I know he’s in pain. I know he’s strategizing his battle plan. I know he’s not going to share his hurt with me. I’m not family.

This is love, lifting up the people who’ve made a home in your heart, and are welcome to visit anytime. The people who make you smile, especially when they want to Quote Emerson, and they just can’t pull it off, and you get to correct them. And smile, because they love Emerson too.

There has probably been 3 people like him in my life. People who are so connected to me, that we think of each other, and reach out simultaneously. These are special people. Please Pray for my friend.

A Day in Boston with my friend

I met him when I was 19, it was 1983.

Bill was doing an internship for EDS in Dallas. The Ross Perot Machine. I was a waitress in a place across the street from their Campus.

It was his friend who caught my eye. He looked like Alec Baldwin, and we started dating.

The Alec look alike was a lot like the real thing, and he didn’t last.

Becoming friends with Bill did. We went to the movies, we went to the State Fair, we talked on the phone for hours, had a fun time spending New Years Eve in Boston with all of his Greek friends.

When I told him I’d be in town last week, he went and made plans. Like Fenway, sort of plans.

He’s got some pretty cool season ticket seats. Right?

I had to go from Houston to Boston to get my first Sunburn of the year. Bill told be I brought the Sunshine, so of course I said ” Your Welcome!”

Then he and his wife took me to the Black Rose, an Irish Bar Downtown with live music.

The fun thing about the Black Rose was the music and the people. This wonderful lady with the most charming authentically Irish Accent offered me her chair since they were leaving.

Then we headed to Salty Dog for fabulous outdoor seating, seafood, live music, charming atmosphere, and wonderful conversation.

I love Boston. The Seaport District is charming, clean and fun.

I had lots of travel issues with the Boston Marathon being in town, but with public transport, you can’t fight it, you just have to flow. Thank Goodness for Uber. They are everywhere.

Got Spark?

I think I need to rediscover mine.

Drawing back, hiding, needing comfort food is not a regular thing for me.

As I dig down to what the root of the issue might be, I’m grateful for reminders, good messages, and the encouragement of friends.

Have a great week everyone!

Too Distracted

From Fog of Grief

When I read about D’s husband passing this morning, I lost it. Her blog post was just overwhelming, I can’t imagine what she is going through.

I’ve been to three funerals in the last two weeks, and I know I’m a little worn out from grieving my friends, coworkers, and family. I’m in my own fog, and trying to find practical ways to offer support.

D’s blog was full of her family things, her delightful grandson, and her recent fight with cancer. This latest loss, has me in prayer, and wishing I lived closer to offer some kind of support. If you know Diane, please keep her and her family lifted up.

Grief is an odd thing, and it sneaks up, especially when there is so much loss going on right now.

Hug up your families.

Holidays and Funerals

Image from Pinterest.

It’s been a bit of a sad month.

A Cousin, an Uncle, a Co-worker, and now a Dear, dear friend have all passed this month. Two funerals down, and 2 more to go.

When I got the news that a dear friend had passed on Thanksgiving. I had a really hard time with it. Carruth Gerault was a Big, Big, personality. I’d known him since 1991. He was with my husband when we met at a Christmas party. He helped me meet realtors when I was a fledgling loan officer. He helped me get involved in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. His daughters babysat my boys. He was always my friends always good to my boys, and when my husband proposed to me…….he took my husband aside and told him that he was happy for him, and that if he screwed things up with me he’d kick his butt.

Carruth had remarried 10 years ago. He was a confirmed bachelor for 15 years after his divorce. He was so cute. When he was telling us about meeting his beloved Claudia, he had showed up for a construction job he was consulting. He said ” She opened the door, and I couldn’t speak. All I could think was ‘ I am going to marry this woman.'”

I’m going to sincerely miss “the mouth of the south”. He was a really tall, skinny Texan, with a big hat. His parents were personal friends of Billy Graham. He loved God, and Scotch, and dancing, and the rodeo, his family, and people. Carruth loved people, and people loved Carruth.

God Bless you Carruth, God speed you home.

Pet names

I’ve been called many things over the years, but my favorite pet name that I’ve been called is “Fred”.

Bet you weren’t expecting that?

What is the best Pet Name you’ve been called, or called someone else?

Where did pet names come from, I wonder?

Back to the work out

After much to do about the Frozen Shoulder,

I made my way back to the TRX work out at the yoga studio.

I may not be able to move later.

The Side Plank Crunch reminded me how much strength I’ve lost this summer.

It was good to sweat it out, and laugh with my buddies.

I’m very grateful to have a place to work out with fun people.

Here’s an example of some of the core work we did yesterday.

Image from Pinterest.