The first Bluebonnets

The Bluebonnets in Texas are really prevalent in late March and early April. To my surprise we got a little peek today at lunch.

So happy to see the happy flower showing up earlier than expected.

Ron Niebrugge photographer captured a stunning view.

Sunshine in the Salvia

We’ve had a rainy couple of months, which makes the plants happy. But I think they are happiest in the sunshine.

The sunshine is starting to peek though the Magnolia tree, dotting the foliage and flowers.

I’ve got sunshine on a funky Friday.

It’s been a tough week.

Things are never so difficult as dealing with your own mind.

That’s where the battle is won, in the mind.

The battles fought in the mind are horrific, and long.

Sunshine is the best remedy.

Flowers are cheer for the soul.

I’m so grateful to live where I live, in the sunshine, an in abundance of flowers.

A Friday in April

It’s been a beautiful week, 

Full of ups and downs.

More ups than downs.

The sun has been warm, the breeze soft 

As we have slipped into April.

Wild flowers blooming, trees leafing,

Is there anything more beautiful that a new green leaf

Or a field full of flowers?

Sitting on my porch, my lemon and orange trees have flowered,

The fragrance is better than jasmine.

I can’t wait for the fruit to come, 

But it won’t be ripe till December. 

Until then, I will enjoy the day.

I hope your first Friday in April is beautiful. 

Honey, berries, fish, flowers, trees

We took our first Honey frames from our bees.

It’s a sticky process, and I haven’t figured out how to clean the wax well, but the honey is pretty good.

That’s about 8 pounds of honey. 

Dewberries.  A wild growing berry, cousin to the blackberry, purple, thorny, and fun to find.

My man was really happy to find that we still had bass in the pond.  

These beautiful white flowers kept peeking out at me.  They only lasted the day, but they were so lovely.

I found this little oak tree.  The new growth is pink, and I got such a giggle out of that.  Isn’t it pretty?

This last year of working the property, slowing my pace, taking time to appreciate the little things has taught me so much.

I wonder if I would have taken the time to notice the little flowers, the color or new growth on a seedling oak, or if I would have taken time to pick a few berries to enjoy?  Maybe?

Wherever you find yourself today, enjoy it.

New Green

When the wind blows through the bowers,

The north wind rattles and rakes the flowers.

The sun is hot but wind blows cold.

The green is new.

The earth is old.

Sunny Saturday in S. Texas

It’s been a while since I mentioned my bees.  They’ve been enjoying this very mild winter.  Where our Bee Mentor lost two of his hives, I’m so very grateful our have done well.

A Beekeepers guide to relaxation.  All 4 hives bustling with activity.  Honey, pollen, brood, queens located.  These are some happy, happy girls.  They are happy, I am happy. 

This beautiful day on our little acreage, the Huisache is blooming, the dewberry vines are crazy with flowers, the bees are bringing in the most outrageously bright, neon-yellow pollen.  Their wax honey comb is almost a saffron yellow color, and the honey is a pale gold.  Next month will give us Pecan, Mesquite, Blue Bonnet, and Mexican hat flowers.  

We’ll let the girls keep these goodies for the population explosion coming.  Every hive had 7 out of 10 frames full of ready- to-hatch bees.  They all had drone brood.  They were flourishing.

I can stand on any portion of our 6 acres, and be still.  After a few minutes I hear them.  A slow, soft, happy hum as one of my girls finds me.  She will hover near my face for a moment and buzz away.  Then a few more will stop by.  I think they are getting to know me better.

There is a buzz in my garden

That contents my heart.

The bees fly about

They are doing their part

To create life and abundance 

Wherever they go.

They keep oh so busy

In this honey flow.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Red is for Ranchero Sauce:

Red is for Roses.

Starting the morning off right with Flowers and a Feast.

For all the lovers out there, however you celebrate, enjoy your Valentine’s Day!