Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge Day Five

Thanks Elizabeth from who invited me to participate in this 5 day challenge!

The “challenge”. Post a photo each day for 5 consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Elizabeth’s photos are outstanding. If you haven’t visited her blog….you should!


My dog Rascal, is just what his name implies.  A high energy Mini Aussie Shepherd, he is a charmer, and a clown.

When my boys were little, it didn’t matter where we were, if there was outside, they would find any stick and start playing.  They would play pirates, or knights, or anything that they could pretend that they were sword fighting.  They would always bring me a ‘sword’ too so that I could join in the fun.

Rascal being one of my ‘babies’ has a thing for sticks too.  He’s bringing me a stick to play fetch.

What’s funny about him, is the stick doesn’t throw as far as the frisbee, and he’ll usually out-run it.

If he doesn’t like the quality of the stick, he’ll break it and find a better one.

If he’s feeling particularly ‘rascally’ he’ll throw it for himself, and chase it.  It usually just goes straight up in the air, and lands on his head, he’ll act surprised then shake the stick in punishment.

Little boys, sticks, and playing.