Enchant your everyday: Poem


This is one of the poems that resonated with me as I dealt with all of the challenges over the last 3 years.  In a way, it gave me hope.  After every storm, I would see the flowers in my garden raise themselves back up and glory in the sunshine.

Robert Frost is one of my favorite Poets.  I hope you enjoy.

The Enchant Your Everday challenge from Vanessa Sage is still open if you want to join in.

Have an awesome Wednesday. 

Enchant your everyday: Fearless

Fear….what do we fear?  For some people its rejection, for some it’s heights, for some it’s bugs.

What does it take to be fearless?  Is it the lack of feeling?  Or is proceeding regardless of the fear?

I believe it’s the lack of the “feeling” of fear, something daring that is done for the joy, the bliss, the rush of adrenaline, a calling.  I believe it could also be the motivation to do something daring is stronger than anything you might feel.

Did you ever say this as a child?  Did you ever head down a slide backward, or on the edge with your legs on the outside of the slide ramp?  Did you ever jump off the swings, or off the garage?  Is Fearlessness just for youth?

What about the First Responders in an Emergency?  What gives them the Fearless nature to run into a burning building?

Have you ever had one of those Fearless moments?  What is Fearless to you?


Enchantment Challenge:  Bright

I took this Picture a couple of years ago in Napa, CA.  We were celebrating my 50th birthday and stayed in the cutest 19th century house near downtown.  The gardens were awesome, and I was wandering around trying to capture the moment.  

The sun was sinking, and there was a shadow on this beauty when I lined up the shot, but the wind blew across the garden, and moved the leaves in the tree that allowed a single ray of sunshine to hit the bottom of the rose at just the right moment.

See how the Rose is bright, but the foliage around it is not?

It’s one of those especially bright moments in my life.

February Enchantment challenge

Elizabeth from Tea and Paper recently posted a challenge that she started from Vanessa Sage.  It’s called Enchant your Everyday.  All are welcome to the challenge.  You can click on her name above to sign up for the challenge if you want to join the fun.

You can take a photo, or write a blog post regarding the word prompt for the day.

Today’s Word is Inspire.

My buddy Rob from the  VPub and I both enjoy the work of Steve Martin.  We’ve both posted about his Movies in the last week.

With today’s word being Inspire, Steve Martin is an inspiring person.  He’s a musician, comedian, actor, author, and became a first time father late in life, like 70.  So, my hat goes off to today’s inspiration for me Steve Martin.  He was kinda hunky too.  It’s a rare man that can wear that much silver at one time.

Image credit: Buzz Feed

Image credit:  pommellane.com