Enchant your everyday: Fearless

Fear….what do we fear?  For some people its rejection, for some it’s heights, for some it’s bugs.

What does it take to be fearless?  Is it the lack of feeling?  Or is proceeding regardless of the fear?

I believe it’s the lack of the “feeling” of fear, something daring that is done for the joy, the bliss, the rush of adrenaline, a calling.  I believe it could also be the motivation to do something daring is stronger than anything you might feel.

Did you ever say this as a child?  Did you ever head down a slide backward, or on the edge with your legs on the outside of the slide ramp?  Did you ever jump off the swings, or off the garage?  Is Fearlessness just for youth?

What about the First Responders in an Emergency?  What gives them the Fearless nature to run into a burning building?

Have you ever had one of those Fearless moments?  What is Fearless to you?


On aging, Fear nothing

The grays are covered for a few weeks.

The weights have been lifted.

The Zumba has been danced.

So now for the humor.

Smiling my way through, I can’t change the numbers, so why be sad?

Age is just a number.  It has nothing to do with attitude, drive, or motivation.

Image credit: Etsy.com. 

And there you go!  Fear nothing.

Today I’m grateful for a beautiful sunrise, sweet puppies, a sense of humor, and a day to enjoy.