It’s Fall in S. Texas?

It is officially Fall on the calendar, but Mother Nature has other ideas. High 90’s with 70% humidity. Oh so much fun.

We can’t let that inhibit our Fall planning, festivities, or cooking.

So at the S.Texas Grocery store, HEB, had all the pumpkins on display. Bumpy pumpkins, smooth pumpkins, white pumpkins, yellow pumpkins. All so fun.

Inspired, and wanting something comforting I made a wild rice and mushroom soup in my instant pot. I am finally figuring that contraption out. I really likes this soup, and my family finished it off quickly.

Then, I had to bake, so scones were in order.

It’s not sweater weather, we are still in shorts and running the AC, and the weatherman says we don’t have anything remotely looking like a cool front on the horizon. Oh well. Until November, we will just have to stay cool, and enjoy the pumpkin displays in the Air Conditioned Grocery Store.

Big Boy Bees

The drones came out today.  These are some big dudes.

I want to find a way to add an arrow to point to the two gents strolling out for their evening constitutional.  The sound they make when they take off is amazing.

All the hives were really calm today when we went to inspect, and very busy.   It’s fascinating seeing them come in with their pollen sacs full of bright orange pollen.  The golden rod is out in force, and the bees are taking it all in.

It’s October

Oh my….September, Summer, 2015 its all fast disappearing in my rear view mirror.

My favorite part of the year is here.  When the sun changes, softens, mellows.  When the days get shorter, natures color changes, and the world takes on a new look.  It’s almost sleepy, this look.

Nature, settling down for a winters nap.

Today, I’m grateful for changes in seasons, mellow sunshine, a day at the Arboretum, and a tutorial in shopping at Trader Joes.

Our first cool front

The rain blew in from the west.  Steady, slow, long rain watered the parched ground, and filled the pond.

The wind changed.  From west to north, the wind changed direction and blew away the clouds, the humidity, and brought the cool northern air.

How beautiful to sit outside to have coffee and enjoy the cool morning air.

Fall is on the way, even it we got to 92 today.  I will take the 60 degree evenings.

I’m grateful for rain, sunshine after the rain, cooler weather, coffee with my man, enjoying the quiet.

My name in print, sunshine, and soft Fall days in S. Texas


Fall in S. Texas is soft and sunny. In the spirit of Halloween, my sales calls this week consisted of candy delivery, glow in the dark necklaces, interesting flight conversations, and my name on my own batch of M&Ms!

I have my own custom M&Ms! How cool is that? I showed them off to everyone. And I can’t wait to find something cool and creative to distribute them again very soon.


I am grateful today for good sales calls, custom M&Ms, having the opportunity to encourage a young lady on my flight home, long walk with the dogs, and quiet time to reflect and appreciate all.

Where ever you find yourself today as we set our clocks back, slow down and appreciate the new season.