The venturing

I’m a Tom Petty Fan. I was listening to the Tom Petty channel on SiriusXM, and they debuted Mike Campbell’s Dirty Knob single Wreckless Abandon.

I never knew who Mike Campbell was until I started listening to the Tom Petty Channel to his Buried Treasure Show. He would talk about his band, and Gainsville, and how he got started with Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench.

When I first heard this single, It sounded like Tom Petty singing, but a really gritty version. No, it’s Mike Campbell.

I’m so glad he ventured out. I’m so glad he’s sharing this sound with everyone in a more public atmosphere. He’s not toured outside California until now. I might have to go see him live….Maybe in Austin. His sound is very Austin cool.

Are you YOLD?

I read this article, and got a fabulous giggle out of it.

Have you met a YOLD person? I’ve known several over my lifetime. My mother-in-law being one of them. She joined a Polka group when she retired at 72 from Budweiser. Until her mid 80’s she traveled with the group dancing at retirement homes. She served as a Eucharist Minister for her church, serving communion at the hospitals in her home town. She’s 93 now, and in her final days. But I can’t think of her without thinking or her zest for life, her large group of friends, and how she served her community.

This article talked about the rise in the baby boomer retirement numbers since 2000 when the first of the boomers started to retire. I like to think about the 2020’s being their (my) decade. I’m at the very tail end of that generation if you take the 1946-1964 number, as many do to define the Baby Boom generation.

My favorite YOLD person is Betty White. She’s not a baby boomer, but she defines YOLD to me.

As I creep forward toward 60, I’m kinda excited about the freedom, the opportunity, and all the great things that this new decade will bring.

Who is your favorite YOLD person?

SANTA at the Farmer’s Market

When I spotted SANTA Jim’s sleigh in the parking lot, I had to go look for him.

But, like Christmas when I was a kid, when I tried to sneak a peak at him….poof he was gone.

I’m grateful for time to wander at the Farmer’s Market in Tomball, time to clean my house, and fresh tomatoes to snack on.

Which Way Photo Challenge 5-16-19

Is it Thursday again already? Oh my goodness.

Thanks Beach for hosting this weekly photo Challenge! Please check out his blog for some really awesome photos, and fun challenges.

Roads, bridges, walkways, signs, stairs, freeways, etc. Here’s my take on it this week. The dry and the wet places I’ve been.

Happy, on purpose

It’s the attitude going in that decides the outcome.

I’m on the road for the rest of the month, and it’s intimidating. Travel tires me out.

So I’m embracing the grueling road trip with enthusiasm, and I will post photos as I go. I plan to visit some fabulous places!

Cheers all.