A quiet Christmas night

The reason for the season, and a little scripture to go with it. I’m so glad we had the big celebrations early, and I get to sit in the quiet of the day and reflect on the gift of Christ.

Christmas to me is a wonderful time of year. It can be challenging, and I might need a vacation to recover from this last week off.

We’ve been to fun places. Ethel Mae’s Bourbon and Bacon opened up, and we’ve feasted there. Twice.

Who can’t relate to a Barn style restaurant with a “look out for the locomotive” sign? It was their soft opening, so no TV’s, no booze to buy, but plenty of free bacon that gets crisped up with a blow torch table side. It was great. The Shrimp and Grits was amazing, the meatloaf got rave reviews, but the bourbon bread pudding was the overall favorite.

My husband celebrated his big 60 this week, so we feasted again with Stone Crab, and Cake.

It was my husband’s first foray into Baked Alaska. He was a huge fan. I had forgotten about Baked Alaska. What a 70’s throw back. A great treat.

Then we feasted again with family with the traditional Roast Beast. (Notice I tried to focus on seafood before we ventured into Big Beef.)

This one was a 5 rib Prime Rib that I was thrilled turned out beautiful. I get a little nervous cooking something this big. That’s a lot of meat to mess up. No PRESSURE! It was accompanied by Mushrooms braised in Red wine and butter, Mashed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts in a bacon-blue cheese sauce, Cabbage and Kale salad with apples and a lemon Vinaigrette, and for dessert a fabulous carrot cake. There were 9 very rowdy folks laughing at my house for a good 6 hours. I slept well after everyone said good night and all the dishes were done. There were 0 left overs. It was like army ants invaded and carried away every speck of the Christmas offering. It made me really happy. It was like a standing ovation culinary style.

Today, it’s quite in the aftermath of the festivities. I get to reflect on the wonderful family and friends that have graced me this week, and I’m just overwhelmed with how blessed I am. But, if anyone puts food in front of me, I might just smack them. I fully understand why people fast and go without alcohol in January. I’ve been blessed beyond measure. It’s time for someone else to get blessed.

Merry Christmas to all. I hope your holidays have been wonderful.

Sneaking a spoonful of Cream Cheese Frosting


Mama’s Cafe San Francisco, CA.  Photo by me.  Amazing baked goods, huh?

Looks yummy, was yummy, and my mind went whirling down memory lane.  Cake, cookies, brioche french toast, maple syrup, butter…..Oh my.

I’m in Week 6 of Weight Watchers, and I’ve been a good point-counting girl for the most part.  It was a rough start, as I gained 3 pounds the first week I went on the program.  I’m now down 8 (should be 11, but I grumble) pounds, and I find myself getting weak.  My mind drifts to the baked goodies I love, more bread than sweet, but darn it!  Sometimes a gal needs something sweet to keep her from going stir crazy.

I ate my carefully portioned chicken salad for lunch, and went about moving the uneaten lettuce around on my plate.  There had to be something gooey, creamy and sweet in the house?  Some sort of sugar jolt to keep me from grumbling about had to be hiding in the recesses of the pantry or fridge.

Wandering from the pantry to the fridge, I moved around the Almond Milk, the Kefir, and the bottles of water….and Ah HA!  I found a canister of bliss.  Creamed Cheese Frosting, just hiding back there, waiting to be rescued.

Checking it over, debating to taste the sweet creamy yumminess of the canister, I hesitated and put it back.  Chastising myself for blowing my diet…..BUT!  I quickly cut-that-shit-out and grabbed that can, ripped it open, and got myself a spoonful.

Not to get too greedy, I took my good, sweet time, enjoying that indulgence.  It was totally worth it!!!!!

Today I’m grateful for weight loss, and I’m grateful for indulgences.  Life is about balance, and not all about Chicken Salad, cabbage, or a number on a scale.

Enjoy LIFE!  We only get one.


Poe Knows

Yesterday’s burst of enthusiasm, energy, and effort left me wiped out.

My man, ever the thoughtful soul, decided he wanted the day off too.

It’s chicken soup all around, and fresh bread. 

Because we love with a love that is more.

I made the soup, and baked the bread, and we just enjoyed the day.