What to do now!

What to do now!

I’ve got a lunch meeting in two hours. I reach in the closet, tear open the dry cleaning bag, jacket-check, blouse-check, slacks….slacks….slacks….SLACKS!

Where are my suit pants? I check the receipt, 2 piece suite, one ladies blouse. I check the back, 2 hangers, my pants are gone.

I have to go back to the dry cleaners, find someone who speaks English and find my pants.

Breathing deeply….Breathing deeply, getting dizzy.

Plan B. Where’s my black dress? Does it fit? Where’s the belt? Black dress–check. Fit—check check! Belt–Check! Hallelujah!

I’ll confront the dry cleaners after the meeting. I’m not going in all stressed out.

I’m grateful for Plan B’s in my life. I’m grateful the dress still fits. I’m grateful that I had a choice in what to wear today. I’m grateful for the still voice that reminded me a dry-cleaner confrontation could wait.