Grateful today

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Yesterday was a hectic whirlwind of activity. Vacuum, mop, dust, Grocery store, laundry, and a Pork Shoulder done in the crock pot, with my first attempt at Naan bread. Everything came together like a symphony.

I love a full day, and climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets. There is a definite feeling of well being and sleepiness.

You might be thinking….”Wendy, you worked all day! What are you grateful for?”

I guess I’m grateful that I can. I have the physical, and mental ability to get things done. I’ve always enjoyed that moment, when the house is clean and I sit for a moment in pure satisfaction….even knowing it will soon be dirty again, but for now it is clean.


Cooking it does soothe my soul.

Creating something that brings our little tribe around the table.

The silence of the first few bites.

Medium rare perfection.

I’m grateful today for sleep, energy to prepare a meal, good grill pans, time around the dinner table with my husband and youngest son, and a great butcher at my grocery store. What a fabulous filet!

Blustery Saturdays

Blustery Saturday’s are for fresh baked bread and chicken soup. The chicken is bubbling in the pot, and the bread is on it’s first rise. The challenge today is finding a warm spot in the kitchen to let the dough do its thing.

Today, I’m so grateful for dough that came together so nicely. There is something very tranquil about making a comfort meal. It’s comforting to cook, and it’s comforting to eat.

What do you do when the weather traps you inside?

I’ve got Lamb Shanks, on a cloudy day

Oh, maybe that’s supposed to be Sunshine, but I’ve got Lamb Shanks and I’m super excited for dinner.

Once I get the polenta ready, we will have a rainy day feast.

Everything is so brown outside. Brown grass, brown bushes, brown plants…..why not appreciate something brown like Braised Lamb Shanks in a Red Wine braising sauce. Lots of love, rosemary, oregano, and garlic went into this dish.

When I cook, I cook.

What do you like to cook?

Gotta cook

I don’t like this Springing Forward silliness. 

So how shall I console myself?  I will cook. 

After a rainy Sunday of tax return preparation, rain, laundry, and Springing Forward…..I’m cooking. 

Steak, a really nice ribeye. 

Mushrooms in red wine reduction with lots of Garlic. 

I have a salad ready to chop and serve. 

But. I might need a little sweet. So I made cupcakes with Salted Carmel butter cream frosting. 

Wendy officially has too much time on her hands to get this much done on a Sunday when we lose an hour. 

Get to vs. Have To

I’m so grateful today:

I got to wake up.

I get to breathe.

I got to play with my dogs.

I got to worship.

I got to pray (especially for my friend who hates me and thinks I’m the most terrible person made, yes…I prayed for you today.)

I get to drive a car.

I get to live in a time of TV, Internet, and Ice-cream.

I get to write a blog post.

I get to be alive in this time of freedom, and prosperity..tenuous as it is.  

I get to clean my house.

I get to cook for my family.

I get to be here.  

I get to help people!  Even if I don’t get credit, I get the joy of it!

I get to give blood, for free till July 6th anyway.

I get to help my neighbors.

I get to be a friend.

I get to express my opinion, even when it pisses people off.  But that’s kinda fun…I’m not sorry about that, pissing people off… or for expressing my opinions.  I will express my opinions, like them or not.  Your response is not my responsibility.

I get to be here, and it’s all good.

Aren’t you glad that we live in a time of ‘get to’ instead of ‘have to’?  

It makes you smile, yea.



What do you enjoy?


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in my musings on the rest of my life.  What do I enjoy, and what do I want to do?

I don’t want to go into happiness.  Happiness is a state of being, a balance of attitude, will, circumstance and emotion.

It’s midnight on a Monday, I can’t sleep, but I’m not ‘unhappy’.  If it was Sunday 2 am and no sleep, I could be profoundly unhappy about that.  Capricious, I know.

What puts a smile on your face, a sigh in your breath, a contentment to your soul?

So….what is it?

For me, I love to sneak up on the day.  The thought of waking up before the sun to watch it rise, brings profound enjoyment.

Great conversations with witty, intelligent people keep me going for a long time.

I’ve recently discovered I adore Zumba!  It is the biggest kick to learn new routines, and have fun while working out.  I just grin from ear to ear with sweat pouring down my face.

Random acts of kindness to strangers…I was at the grocery store, and in the parking lot there was a man struggling with putting the groceries in his truck and a rambunctious toddler.  He got the groceries in, but was wrangling the little girl into her car seat.  I put his cart up for him when I took mine to the cart rack.  When I walked back he thanked me and had a huge smile on his face.  It was a little thing, but It was nice, it did us both good, and cost absolutely nothing.

Preparing a special meal means enjoyment for me.  Taking time to put love in my food for my family.

Writing holds a special place in my heart.  I enjoy putting words together, expressing myself as simply as possible.  The last two years on WordPress has been a blast, and I’ve come a very long way since my first post!


So many people don’t understand me at all.  I’m not sure why, I’m pretty simple.  But when I find someone who ‘gets me’, oh my word, am I over the moon!

I enjoy laughter.  I found a funny “Friends” snippet between Chandler and Joey.  I laughed till I had tears running down my face! My husband had no clue why I thought it was so funny, I must have needed that laugh.


Well I guess in light of all this I need a job where I can get up early, cook, talk to great people, laugh, and be kind to strangers.

I’ll be down at the IHop filling out my application when the sun comes up.


What do you enjoy?  What makes you smile?



Sunday Smiles

A robust day of cooking for the week ahead.  We are expanding our nutrition, and working through the Fast Metabolism Plan of Haley Pomroy.

I’m still taking my coconut oil, coconut water, and bee pollen.  No noticeable difference in feeling better, but my recent blood tests came back greatly improved.  Cholesterol down, the icky estrogen dominance has been obliterated, my hemoglobin was perfect!

We did this plan about 18 months ago, and it was quite successful.

The trick is to plan ahead, cook like crazy, and eat the 5 times a day (which is really hard).

I will not give up my coffee, as the plan insists.  That’s just un-American.  And I require coffee as a necessity.😛

If I make some good progress, I will let you know,

When I looked at all of my achievements for today, it made me smile.

  1. A pork tenderloin with carrots, onions, and peppers.  Monday night dinner.
  2. Chicken breasts with sweet potatoes.  Wednesday night dinner.
  3. Butternut squash Soup.  Lunch anytime.
  4. A cauliflower pizza crust.  Sunday night veggie pizza.
  5. Turkey and asparagus roll ups with mustard.  Wednesday and Thursday snacks
  6. Sautéed spinach and egg white scrambles. Wednesday and Thursday breakfast. 
  7. Steel cut oatmeal and strawberries.  Monday and Tuesday breakfast.
  8. A big batch of quinoa for the stuffed zucchini squash boats.  Tuesday night Dinner. 

I’ll grocery shop again on Thursday for the weekend goodies.

My plan is in place, and I’m looking forward to the improved nutrition, improved health, and hopefully lighter in weight. 


Sometimes a girl just has to cook.

bad dreams on this day light savings day change.

My bad dreams are always about getting out of a large structure…a hotel, airport, convention center.  I usually miss a flight, lose my luggage, can’t connect with someone, or can’t find my way out.

I was wrecked when I got up.  I set my mind to finish something.  So I cleaned.

It wasn’t enough.

I did laundry.

It wasn’t enough.

I cooked….it was really good.   The only accomplishment of today note worthy…so I took pictures. (Like you would love to see pictures of folded laundry, or scrubbing sinks, toilets, or tubs.)

Venison stew.

My husband calls this “last supper” bread.

We ate it all.

Tomorrow will be better.  Even if I have to cook again.  After I clean the kitchen, again.

Focusing on enjoying the small accomplishments, no matter how simple, or fleeting.  It all has to be done again.

Sunday Gratitude


Slow Sundays

Chicken soup
Slowly cooked
Meat from the bone
Vegetables blended into the broth

Fragrance fills the kitchen
The soup pot bubbles over the flame
Chicken, onions, celery, and carrots
Fill my home with the scent of dinner.

Rosemary from the pot outside
Thyme from the front flower bed
Oregano from my new plant
Parsley from what is left after the heat

Little bits from my garden
Little bits from my kitchen
Little bits from my knowledge
Little bits from my love

Good bread
Crisped in the broiler
Olive oil to flavor
A little garlic to scrape into the toasted goodness

Wine on the back porch
Looking at the evening sky
As the rain– precocious–runs away
Again, we enjoy a meal together

It is the slow days
Taken in small bits
Filled with love and laughter
A bit of soup and bread

I’m thankful for small things
Prepared and planned
Not detailed or worrisome
Just enjoyed- no strings