Don’t give it a 2nd thought

We’ve all heard this old adage.   

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this old adage as I work toward improving myself, and letting go of the hurts and rejections of the past.

Part of me wants to run back, and sweep up all the pieces and try to put them back together….try to prove myself worthy of being accepted.  But that isn’t healthy.  So when I saw this fun piece on Pinterest this morning, I knew I had to add it to my new way of looking at things.

Image credit kind over

Image credit robert tew.

So as I march through the rest of this week, my drum beat is changing, my stride is becoming more sure, and I’m looking for those opportunities to smile, be good to people, and to encourage anyone who has found themselves a little adrift.

I’m grateful today for timely reminders that it’s ok to let go.

Have a great Thursday!