It seems like I just looked at the calendar and it was Monday, and now after a couple of blinks it’s Friday.

I’m definitely down off the high, but I’m running at a lightening speed.

It’s the most amazing thing to have clients happy to respond, willing to meet, looking forward to spending time.  This hasn’t been my experience over the last 5 years of my career.

Have I changed?  I think I have.

Has my practice of gratitude been a factor?  Maybe so.  Maybe that is what changed me so that I can receive better things.

Maybe I just made a decision that this time, I would do things differently?

I’m not sure.

I’m very grateful today for the 16 months that made such a difference in my life.

So, I leave you with a little Emerson.





Me, last year.  My professional photo for my dream job.

Confidant, happy, fit, sassy (photoshopped kindly by my photographer)….ready to run and succeed.  I had two job offers at once, and was overwhelmed at the choice to make.  I made the wrong choice.  Looking back with regrets, I slap myself to look forward.  Those days are behind me, and what’s done is done.

This year:


Sweaty, bug bit, no makeup, but happy.  Looking to start over again professionally, but allowing myself the time to do it right this time?  Is there such a thing as ‘doing it right?’  It’s such a leap of faith to go out and put yourself on the line again.  Do I really want to be part of a ‘ground breaking team’?  Ground breaking is damned hard work.  It’s a marathon, it’s messy, its frustrating…..and I’m beginning to wonder if my marathon days are behind me?  I’m looking at three companies.  All would require me to use my contacts, my reputation, and my work ethic to make money for them……What if I change my story?

What if I take the rest of the year off, build up my skills in a new area?  What if I change the way I start over, and not run back to what I know?  If I have to start over anyway….why not change my story?

It’s amazing how a year can turn everything, upside down.

Today, I’m grateful for the time to think, the resources to teach me how to think better, and time to make the right choice.  Eanie, Meanie, Miney, Moe…..ME!

Maybe it’s time for me to realize it’s OK to choose Me.

Jesus help me.  Amen.

I gave up my iPhone!

The joys and woes of technology.  To iPhone or not to iPhone, that was the question as I made my way through the various carriers, plans, options, and choices for cell phones.

I did promise myself that I would learn something new this year.  Well, I am definitely learning now.  I got a Samsung, and I really like it, but it doesn’t talk nice to my other Mac devices.  I’ve downloaded the software so that my Mac Mini will talk to the little Samsung sweetie, but something is lost in translation.  All of my music and podcasts are eagerly awaiting the Samsung to sync up with my Mac, but it just won’t.  I’ve tried all the configurations for the wireless, bluetooth, and tried the USB cord, Nada!

So much for learning something new on my own.  I’ll have to seek the assistance of the professionals….yippee.

I’m grateful for the learning experience.  I’m grateful for the technology that has come along to give us such awesome choices.  Now, I just need to find that professional that can tell me what I’m missing so that my Samsung sweetie will accept the music and podcasts that my Mac Mini would like to transfer to it.  I just need to yell a little bit so I don’t take my frustration out on the tech guy.



Starting Fresh, still hating change


I have always observed that change is the only thing we can count on. Nothing ever stays the same.

I recently made the decision to change jobs. Not that anyone in the mortgage industry ever escapes, we are in for life. Mortgage is what I know, and now I have the opportunity to be on the ground floor of a new correspondent division for an independent company. I wasn’t really even looking for a new job… just appeared, this wonderful opportunity. I’m very blessed to have friends who recommend me.

The thing about starting over is that it is hard work. It’s going to take some time to get to know the new system, the overlays, the culture, and bring the clients on board. I’m not afraid of working hard, and so far everything seems to be coming together for our August launch.

So I’m set and determined to move forward boldly. Although change is constant in my life, I don’t like it. The ‘not liking’ won’t make any difference. I just have to keep moving, grateful that I’m able to be employed during this time of high unemployment. I’m confident that all will be just fine.

Today it’s time to celebrate a fresh start, breath in and out, and look forward in confident hope to the success in my future.