Freeing myself

When I clocked how much time was stolen online, outside of work. I realized the problem is with me.

I have to free myself from some of this.

Grateful for being safe


Today I am grateful for victories.

My dear husband made the decision that he needed to be with me during the last round of hospital visits with my mom.

His strength and humor made such a great difference over the last 5 days.

Through that confirmation of understanding and agreed assessment of circumstances I was able to walk away from the latest round of name calling and anger with only pity and sadness, instead of the usual condemnation and arguments.

With his help, I didn’t accept the labels thrown at me. I threw them to the side, knowing that I am not what she says to manipulate me.

I am grateful for the one who loves me completely, stands up for me, and reminds all will be well. I am a blessed woman, no matter what my mom has to say about me. That is a victory.