Coco or Coconuts?

Nutrition alerts!

It’s been a month on Bee Pollen, Coconut Water, and Coconut oil.

I can honestly say, I have nothing to report.  No weight loss, no increased energy.  No glowing skin.  It’s odd that it doesn’t do anything for my hair either.  In fact my hair doesn’t like it at all.  

However, I got a good report on recent blood tests, so I will take that improvement, and let the coconuts work from the inside out.

Zumba has helped me look better in shorts.  Muscle tone is looking so much better.  It does wonders for my mood and mental well being.

My exersize in Patience, has left me a little tired.  The silence and non-response from the people I reached out to, has me a bit sad, and discouraged.  

The old doors seem cemented shut against me.  So, it looks like it is time to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life.  

The question now, is it back to school for me?

Photo from Town and Country

Sunday Smiles

A robust day of cooking for the week ahead.  We are expanding our nutrition, and working through the Fast Metabolism Plan of Haley Pomroy.

I’m still taking my coconut oil, coconut water, and bee pollen.  No noticeable difference in feeling better, but my recent blood tests came back greatly improved.  Cholesterol down, the icky estrogen dominance has been obliterated, my hemoglobin was perfect!

We did this plan about 18 months ago, and it was quite successful.

The trick is to plan ahead, cook like crazy, and eat the 5 times a day (which is really hard).

I will not give up my coffee, as the plan insists.  That’s just un-American.  And I require coffee as a necessity.😛

If I make some good progress, I will let you know,

When I looked at all of my achievements for today, it made me smile.

  1. A pork tenderloin with carrots, onions, and peppers.  Monday night dinner.
  2. Chicken breasts with sweet potatoes.  Wednesday night dinner.
  3. Butternut squash Soup.  Lunch anytime.
  4. A cauliflower pizza crust.  Sunday night veggie pizza.
  5. Turkey and asparagus roll ups with mustard.  Wednesday and Thursday snacks
  6. Sautéed spinach and egg white scrambles. Wednesday and Thursday breakfast. 
  7. Steel cut oatmeal and strawberries.  Monday and Tuesday breakfast.
  8. A big batch of quinoa for the stuffed zucchini squash boats.  Tuesday night Dinner. 

I’ll grocery shop again on Thursday for the weekend goodies.

My plan is in place, and I’m looking forward to the improved nutrition, improved health, and hopefully lighter in weight. 


Newest addition to the nutritional experiment


Here I am in my 2nd week of improving my nutrition with small easy changes.

I started with coconut oil, added bee pollen, then coconut water.

Today I added a cup of warm lemon water first thing.

This is strange for me.  I’m generally stumbling for my coffee first. What would make me reach for warm lemon water?  I read an article on  Health that described the benefits of this ritual such as improved immune system, improved mineral absorption, and a natural diuretic.  There’s more, but this was what I was looking for.  

If the bee pollen has all the minerals the body needs, but the body can’t absorb it, I’m wasting my time.  My goal is to optimize my health, not take bee pollen, right?

What have I noticed in the last 9 days?

My joints are moving better.  My knees and my knuckles aren’t as stiff.  My hands aren’t so puffy.  I’m not craving salty snacks.  My appetite has reduced, I’m satisfied with normal portions.  No weight loss to talk about.

I’m feeling lighter of mood.  I’m laughing more, which makes my family happy.  

I think this last addition will be sufficient for a while.  I have natural fats to support my brain and heart, natural minerals to support my nervous system and cellular health, I have a good hydration to make sure my organs function properly, and a morning start to help my digestion and immune system.  

Now I will take some time to make sure that I take good care of myself, and track the progress of what I’m establishing.

For my spiritual health, today I will meditate on Psalm 103:1-4.  I’m visualizing myself completely worshiping the Lord, forgiven, healed, renewed and restored.  That’s the Wendy I have in my mind, the forgiven, healed, renewed, and restored. A Healthy, energetic, lively, and fun Wendy as she is supposed to be.

Today, I’m grateful for Sunday, new friends, working the bees on Friday, and having some fun in between.

An experiment in nutrition

decompression time.  

For my health, I’m going to try some natural remedies, nutritional improvement, and stress relief.

For the last 4 days, I’ve started a regimine of slowly increased consumption of bee pollen and coconut oil.  I’m talking little fractions of teaspoons, so I don’t freak out my already stressed self.

I’ve noticed that I’m not as hungry as usual.  Sleep is still pretty elusive, but I don’t crave salty foods as much.  

Some noticeable changes, I guess in 4 days.
Why?  That’s the big question.

Coconut oil for its antioxidant, skin, and digestive properties.  


Photo courtesy of Don’t

I’m not convinced that eating fat will help me lose weight, just saying.

Bee pollen because of the super food nutrional value.

Bee pollen had every mineral the human body needs.

Why not give the body what it needs in 1/2 tsp instead of continuous carrot crunching?

About the stress…I’ve found myself suddenly unemployed. 

While my mother was ill, and dying last fall, I fell drastically behind my quota at work.  When my Grandmother died 23 days after my mother, I fell off the map quota wise.   Sales being sales, it’s a numbers game that I could not fix in the last 30 days.  So I’m no longer at my dream job.  I wish them well.

Facing some harsh reality, my husband–God love him–let me know in his most loving way….the stress has taken its toll.  Something to the effect of ‘ you’ve lost your smile, your shoulders are stooped, and you’ve aged yourself with all you’ve gone through.  There is no spring in your step, you’ve gained weight, and you hide.’

Well howdy.

I have to admit, he’s right.  My skin is showing some significant stress, I can’t look in the mirror without cringing.  Since I don’t look in the mirror very much anymore, I can’t speak to the rest of the charges.

Currently, I find myself not having to travel, or work like hell to gain ground lost over 9 months…I’m going to take some time to refresh, renew, and restore what has been lost.  

Over the next few weeks my focus will be on taking care of my physical self nutritionally; my emotional self by letting myself grieve instead of work, and restoring my spiritual self with lots of help from The Almighty and His mercy and grace.

  Mind, soul, and body.  Dreams, inspiration, and gumption…I’m working toward restoration with all the means at my disposal.  

I don’t know if I’m brave enough to post pictures if there is any improvement, but I will do my best to offer an honest account of this journey.