Atlantic in January two years running

Last year my boss and I came to Florida to visit clients, and we had to take a stroll on the beach.

This was South Florida near Boynton Beach.

This month, I’m getting to hang out in January in Florida closer to the Georgia line.

I like the beach, the sound of the waves, and the overall feel of the water. I’m just not a big “sand” person.

This place is pretty Cool. Amelia Island has been under 8 different flags since the 1600’s. There was a British fort here during the Revolutionary War. U.S. Grant stayed in one of the hotels while campaigning for President. There is more Pre-Civil War architecture here than any other spot in the southern United States. It’s completely charming.

We had a fancy dinner party for clients, and having the ocean to ourselves was pretty cool.

The more I see of Florida, the better I like it. Cool state.

Beautiful day at the beach

I got a special invite, and accepted.   

So I headed south to the Gulf of Mexico, and took a ferry to an island.

I crossed the island and found a house.

I sat on the porch.  

I watched the sun rise.

I listened to the crash of the waves and took the dog Chief for a run.

Well….he ran, I rode in the golf cart.

We drank wine and watched the sun set.

A rose gold day, and doubly enjoyed with friends.