Gratitude Wednesday

Last night was one of those restless nights. Awake at 12:30am, 3:01am, 4:29 am. I finally decided to just get up at 5:30, tired of fighting for sleep.

The funny thing is, I don’t feel overly tired….yet.

In light of no sleep, I’m grateful for good coffee, my pup Dolly, and a break in the rain.

My car is really clean for the first time since January, and I’m ready to make my client calls with my boss today.

The rest of the week, I’m going to let go of things that I can’t control and rest in knowing that nothing meant for me will pass me by.

Happy Wednesday.

A great reminder

Expectations are things that trip me up.

I’m not sure why I have fallen back into expectations, but I got a good kick in the pants and it’s time to get back to appreciation and gratitude.

Expectations put an unnecessary pressure to situations, and I have found that they also limit my ability to appreciate.

I’m starting off with a fresh perspective this morning.

I’m so grateful for the kick in the pants that woke me up from expectations and reminded me to appreciate the gifts in front of me.

Have you ever been grateful for a kick in the pants?

Not changing my clothes

A couple weeks ago we went to see ELO.

Wardrobe……clothes…..decisions…….being a girl……..

It was a great night, a great concert, a much appreciated time away from work, house, dogs, bees, etc.  There was just one little hitch that made made me a little upset with myself.

I got myself ready to go to a Rock Concert.  I hadn’t been to one in quite a few years, and I wanted to look, ‘rockin’. So I got myself together, and came out to join my husband and son and got this:

And this:

And Silence…….until my son nudged his father, and said ‘way to go dad’. ‘Say something nice quick.’

He couldn’t. He didn’t.

It was a little too late at that point. I went and changed. Then I was mad at myself.

I should have worn what I wanted. Mainly because Boys are dumb.

That’s it for the mature assessment of the situation. 😆

Next time, I’m not changing.

Cheers to getting my confidence back.

My Over 50 Rockin Look. Ta da.

Grateful for the calm moments

As I have practiced gratitude, I have noticed that there is a calmness. Some days are more calm than others, but overall I can see that I’m more calm now than ever before.

Like any practice, it takes continuous repetition and focus to see any specific results.

As I practice yoga, I have learned to focus on my breathing. When I focus on my breathing, I am calmer.

As I focus on the things I’m grateful for, I am calmer.

Looking for things to be grateful, I find more things that increase my gratitude.

Today, I am grateful for the little signs that remind me of how far I’ve come in this journey.

Gardens in surprising places

My Fitbit has gotten put through its paces the last couple of days in San Antonio.

I’ve wandered about, and climbed hills and flights of stairs.

Reconnecting with old friends has been quite special.

I’ve found gardens in unusual places. This little spot was tucked back behind the convention center, peach, orange, lemon, lime, fig and bay trees. Cabbages, Swiss Chard, tomatoes, and every kind of herb were tucked into raised beads. All were surrounded with chicken wire or hog panels to protect them from the very brazen deer that run the golf course.

With the chilly winter we had the peaches look like they are going to be spectacular this year.

My favorite was a cheeky, black squirrel who posed so pretty, I had to take his picture.

I love that they landscape with Rosemary here. It’s so pretty, great for bees, and deer resistant. Of course, I couldn’t keep my hands off of it. It’s great aromatherapy to rub my hands across the Rosemary and then breath deep to enjoy.

It’s been fun to be away for a few days, but I’m ready to go home.

Gratitude on a Sunday

It’s been a busy week. Conventions for Mortgage. Seminar for bees.

Travel by plane.

Travel by car.

Today, I got to play a little and went to a couple of yoga classes.

I’m so grateful for my family, my job, my dogs, and a little time to myself.

Whatever your week brings you, I hope it’s something that keeps a smile on your face.

My Blue Crayon Award, yep I’m starting an AWARD!

This might be impromptu, and after my Friday evening glass of wine….So buckle up Butter Cups, here it comes.

When I saw this image,  I thought of you, my blogger buddies who I enjoy so much.

No questions, no nominations numbers required, just a sincere “nod” to the bloggers who paint your sky.  Oh, and none of that lazy crap of “everyone is nominated who wants to be”.

Take some time, if there is someone out there that has impacted you in the last important period of time you have been blogging….well at least think about giving them a nice shout out, and a  ping back.

Otherwise, happy reading, and move on.  This is your story after all, do with it what you like.

So cheers to you, my blue sky bloggers.

To keep this post short, I chose a few of my favorites.  Any reposting or re-nominating is optional, and at your discretion.

There is no obligation to forward, there is nothing here other than just gratitude, and thanks for your support, and your lovely blogs that fill me with joy, and appreciation.

This is in by no means, a definitive list, or even a top whatever of anything.  This is just a smidgeon of who has inspired, commented, corrected, gave input, provided wonderful moments of enjoyment through sharing their photography, commentary, poetry, songs, muse, self, etc.  Diane, you are so brave, so creative, so vital, so alive, so, so, so outstanding.  Not only do I enjoy reading your blog, I love reading your comments in other blogs.  You are an amazing woman, and I’m so grateful to have found you in this blogosphere.  Beth, I think I found your blog first when I started over 3 years ago.  Not only is your blog so enjoyable for content, photos, quotes, family life, and adventures, it is so genuine, and I look forward to seeing it every day.  I don’t think I could ever not read what you have going on.  Miriam, you have such a wonderful talent and eye in your photography, it is only eclipsed by your lovely writing and how you showcase the love of your family, your country, and what catches your attention.  You are so real, genuine, lovely, and wonderful.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  Oh Ms. Lori Higgins.  You are a treasure, a jewel, a common sense, practical, sparkling, diamond of a blogger, friend, commentator, sharer of wisdom.  You rock, and I hope that if we are ever in the same country, we can meet in person.  I pray for you daily, as you are always in my heart.

My friend Rob.  When Stacils first made mention of you over a year ago, I was so drawn to your blog.  Friends without borders is my place.  My home away from home.  I don’t know anyone you haven’t brought in, lifted up, shared your music, your friendship, your encouragement.  You are the Ambassador of my wordpress experience, and I thank you.  Thank you for introducing me to so many great bloggers, and making us all part of your wordpress family.  My sincerest gratitude goes to you.


If you are reading this, and if anyone comes to your mind at all, WordPress or not.  Give them a shout out.  Let the people who make a difference in your life know how much you care about them.


God Bless, and Go Hug up your loved ones.