Every day Emerson

I adore reading the Essays of Emerson. There is something timeless about his words, and observation on human behavior.

Last April I got to visit Authors Ridge at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, MA.

My cousin Shari and I had a blast wandering up and down the hills of that beautiful property.

Today, I’m grateful for reminders to let the old blunders go, and to focus on the day ahead.

Emerson has quite the Grave Marker. It was the finest on the ridge, rightly so.

Oh, no you don’t

Photographer Murat Öztürk captured this amazing photo. A red ant grabbing a yellow jacket is an amazing visualization of fighting back.

I kinda imagine that ant thinking to himself “oh, Hell no. I’m getting you now.”

Celebrating the Warrior spirit.

Who’s driving?

It doesn’t matter that your tired

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done.

Can’t sit on your success

Who cares what you have won?

The CEO screams

Yesterday’s win

Is today’s Shit.

Go out and win again.

The scream stays in your brain

And you wonder if you can.

When everything becomes nothing,

What becomes everything again?

Who is “they?”

Why do “they” get to say?

When does a win become nothing?

Why does a win become nothing?

Who is driving?

Who gets to say?

If you have the steering wheel,

Drive it your own way.

Original by Wendy 8/18/19


I know I’m getting on the wrong side of tired when I turn on the Hallmark channel and grab a box of Kleenex.

Even the commercials are making me cry.

Darn it.

Now I want ice cream,

Today, I’m grateful that it’s Sunday, and I don’t have any job responsibilities.

I may just stay in my robe. 😴

A little Saturday Suprise

Heading out into our own version of Wild Kingdom

The Mocking birds were squawking up a storm as I headed out to the front yard this morning. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was until I looked up into the oak in the front yard.

The hawk has one of the fledglings in its talons, and the rest of the group was dive bombing it.

The hawk ate that bird, and didn’t flinch at the other Mocking bird’s distress.

Some days Nature is right there in full view…..in the front yard.

What we see depends mainly on what we look for. John Lubbock

The little Tyrant

The little tyrant loves everything that is Dolly’s.

I fed them. Max ate his and had to go inspect hers.

He really likes her bed too. Dolly is very protective of her bed to most people. Somehow the little nugget has found his way in.

That’s when he isn’t sacked out with his toys.

Max follows Dolly everywhere. She was laying next to my chair, and the sneaky Max does his belly crawl up to her. She’s growling, but watching me. He sneaks his little paw out to touch her paw. She didn’t pull away. I took that as a good sign.

He’s a charming little tyrant.

Just say NO!

Ok this has been a week of really weird news, and this Pumpkin Spice Spam should be put in the same file as the Bill Clinton in the Blue Dress. Is it the full moon?

Has the World gone Nuts? No? It’s gone freaking Spam Pumpkin spice. No! No! No!

When truth is stranger than fiction

A portrait by Petrina Ryan-Klein of former US President Bill Clinton that was hanging in the deceased J. Epstein’s Manhattan, NY home.

This was published in the DailyMail.co.uk today along with a photo of Hilary Clinton wearing a similar blue dress at an event.

Love Clinton or Hate him, this is just……stupid. And it will probably be sold at auction for millions.

The making of a mess, a puppy journey.

The puppy is here. He plays, he sleeps. He plays too much, he sleeps even more. A growing boy.

He loves the ball. He loves Dolly and chases her everywhere. Dolly needed a chill pill (Benadryl) to cope yesterday, today is better. She’s hanging out in the same room now, at least.

There is nothing like watching a 3 pound, round ball of fluff chase a 60 pound Healer. He bites the tip of her tail….he’s precocious. She’s not happy with the tail biting, but they are figuring things out.

He had his puppy anxiety last night, he did good in his pen till about 1:30 am. He had an upset tummy. We went outside. He was a good boy. He slept till 3:30. Then started crying. My hubs growled “let him cry”. That lasted for maybe 3 minutes. Next thing I know the baby is in bed with us. That man of mine is not going to let the baby cry. 😌

Somewhere about 4:30 am baby had to potty. He made his way off the bed without us hearing, left a lovely bundle on the hubs side of the bed, and started crying.

Hubs is freaked out that baby is off the bed, and the “bedlam” starts.

I think the height of the morning was when baby went outside and had another BM, and my husband had to examine it. 😣. He found, not just grass, but a red round plastic piece that was the size of a Reese’s pieces. I have to say, when my husband is on guard, no poop is left unchecked! My man is diligent when it comes to the babies.

Baby has chewed on things he shouldn’t, as babies do sometimes.

Now I have to get him to eat. Considering what he recently digested, and how much he’s sleeping today, I’m being patient. He turned down eggs. He’s had like 4 pieces of soaked kibble today. But he’s taken water. I’m being patient.

I’m keeping things in prospective, and enjoying my dogs. Dolly is engaging, and our little baby is determined to love my Doll.

We are thinking Max is the name. It’s what he responds to best….so far. My hubs cringes when I call him Maxi. 😆. I get to create bedlam too!