Ready for Halloween?

Image from Noble Works Cards

Do you get dressed up for Halloween? Do you decorate?

Since my kids, and most of the neighbor’s kids have grown up, Halloween has slowed down in the neighborhood.

This year, one of our professional groups is having a bowling party, and we are supposed to dress up. Bowling, and dress up….Not the first thing I would pick to do on a Thursday evening. I can manage for 3 hours, I hope. The crash of bowling pins is not my favorite sound.

I ordered a queen bee costume, but I hate it. I think I will keep the wings, the sash, grab my birthday tiara and make a go of it.

Halloween used to be fun, but it holds nothing for me anymore without little kids coming to the door, full of fun and anticipation.

Early voting

We gathered together yesterday for the 1st day of early voting. Turn out was amazing. I stood together with my son and husband, and waited our turn to cast our ballot. The line wrapped around the building, but moved quickly.

There was a spirit of excitement and enthusiasm in the line. The election officials were accommodating , and efficient.

We even saw Air-force 1 fly over carrying The President to his Rally here in Houston. The Toyota Center holds less than 30,000 people. Over 100,000 requested tickets, and over 150,000 made their way downtown and watched as a community on the jumbo screens placed to share the event with the massive overflow crowd. There was no violence in the crowd, which is a relief considering what happens in Oregon, Washington, and New York to people wearing anything with MAGA on it.

I really don’t care what you think of President Trump, I respect the office, and his ability to get things done, and I’m immensely grateful that I get to vote. I don’t condone violence if you don’t agree with me, nor would I hate you for it. That being said, any ugly comments will be removed from the site. Be cordial, or be quiet.

Yoga, friends, and letting go

I was in a minor fender bender this weekend. Not my fault, I got rear-ended by a youngster on a slick road on Saturday. She wasn’t supposed to be driving the Mercedes, and she was quite a little brat about the whole thing. She wouldn’t give me her insurance info. . My Jeep has a tow hook, and it did a fabulous job of decimating the front of her hood. Her hood crumpled the bottom of my bumper. So I called in the police to the scene to write up a formal report. The police took care of her uncooperative attitude.

I wasn’t happy about how I handled the situation, because I let the little brat get to me. I kept my composure, but I allowed the situation to replay in my mind. I found myself grumbling, and complaining. Time to let go.

There was a new class listed at the yoga studio on Sunday afternoon, and my yoga buddy Kimberly asked me to go. Yoga with my buddy? Yep, I’m in. It was a really small class, in our cozy little room that smelled of lavender. Having Kimberly to encourage me, and focusing on breathing in and breathing out left me relaxed, and my mind was thankfully at peace.

It’s amazing how far I’ve come in the last year, from barely touching my toes in forward fold to now having my palms on the floor. Going from Down Dog to Plank without huffing and puffing. Not overly complaining about Chaturanga, the slow low push up. I know I have a ways to go, but I’m getting better. Progress is a good thing.

I’m grateful that no one was hurt in the accident. I’m more grateful that my practice has taken me from looking at others and being discouraged by the difference in technique to just focusing on my technique and getting better.

I love this Bunny Yoga poster. It’s so much more my style than the perfect body yoga posters.

Windows open

That first really fine day of fall,

Full of mellow sunshine and fresh breezes.

Open the windows and let the fall air work it’s wonders.

78 degrees, and the sun is so mellow

My confused Lemon tree is still very happy.

Today, I’m so grateful to open the windows, clean all ceiling fans, the base boards, and change all the sheets.

A refreshing day, that is for sure.

Vivid dreaming

Dreams are unusual things.

The vivid movie screen of my mind playing a macabre vision of terrorists hacking the head from their hostage, and somehow I am next. But the terrorist turns to me and says my death will take longer, and that I will be dismembered slowly.

Hands Bound, I am marched down a long hallway. Psalm 23 and John 4:11 is pouring from my heart through my lips and the hallway grows darker and the terrorists fade away.

Waking up exhausted, I reach for my bible, and let the Word wash over me, and the remnant of the vicious dream fades away.

It goes so fast

It goes so fast. You have the sweetest little cherub who grows and wants to be a Cowboy. You can’t get him to ever give up his cowboy boots or hat until he’s 9.

He golfs and swims. He goes to tennis camp and plays football. Basketball, violin and every video game imaginable.

Then he graduates from high school, goes to college, and moves to Phoenix.

So to my baby, who turns 30 today….I’m so proud of you. You are the most intelligent, well read, thoughtful, intellectual, solid, logical, profound, funny, sensitive, loving, most delightful, darling son. I look forward to see the wonderful things that come next for you. I adore you, and I can’t wait to see you again soon.

Had to buy it

True confession, I had to buy it. A true impulse purchase, but I will wear it! Probably on sales calls.

Today, I’m thankful for things that make me smile.