A Year Since the Big Flood

We’ve come along way in the Year since Harvey hit. Where we once had lines of trash and debris trucks stretching for miles and miles carrying away the flood damage, closed freeways, damaged levy’s, and a community coming together to help each other. There weren’t lines for hand outs, there were lines of people waiting and more than willing to volunteer to help their neighbors, their friends, their city. #HoustonStrong

Today I’m grateful to be in a City that knew how to come together after a major catastrophe, and the wonderful recovery we’ve enjoyed because we went to WORK on it, we didn’t wait for the Government to bail us out.

Going gray, a transition

About a year ago, I talked to my hairdresser about going gray. She laid out a plan that would help me grow out my color without having to shave my head and wear a wig while waiting.

Step 1 was the blond highlights.

Step 2 was the short hair cut.

Step 3 was the grow out.

A year later, here we are. Silver sparkles everywhere.

I don’t know that I love it. I don’t know that I don’t.

But I do know that it’s mine, and authenticity is a good thing.

As for gratitude. I’m grateful to not color my hair. I’m grateful to be my age, and have energy and vitality. I’m grateful to just be, whatever that means right now.

Not changing my clothes

A couple weeks ago we went to see ELO.  https://wendysharesathought.com/2018/08/11/elo-the-jeff-lynn-tour

Wardrobe……clothes…..decisions…….being a girl……..

It was a great night, a great concert, a much appreciated time away from work, house, dogs, bees, etc.  There was just one little hitch that made made me a little upset with myself.

I got myself ready to go to a Rock Concert.  I hadn’t been to one in quite a few years, and I wanted to look, ‘rockin’. So I got myself together, and came out to join my husband and son and got this:

And this:

And Silence…….until my son nudged his father, and said ‘way to go dad’. ‘Say something nice quick.’

He couldn’t. He didn’t.

It was a little too late at that point. I went and changed. Then I was mad at myself.

I should have worn what I wanted. Mainly because Boys are dumb.

That’s it for the mature assessment of the situation. 😆

Next time, I’m not changing.

Cheers to getting my confidence back.

My Over 50 Rockin Look. Ta da.

Keep a Little Soul

I’ve always been a Tom Petty Fan.  I kinda grew up with him.  Like the Eagles, or ELO. or any of the Classic Rock bands, he was on the radio during those High School years where everything had a song associated with it.

Songs you got dressed to go to school, songs that you listened to on the way home, songs you played while doing homework, songs that sang you to sleep, songs you cranked up while riding with the windows down on a summer night.

I heard an unreleased song the other day.  My Sirius XM radio is continually on the Tom Petty Channel.  Keep A Little Soul.  I was surprised to hear that a new Album of his is coming out on September 28th.  Posthumously, Tom Petty is still rocking out, and fans are still hanging on.

God Bless you Tom Petty.




Idioms, secret languages, inflections are important.

I love language.

The intricacies, the inflections, the understanding, the assumptions.

Language isn’t hard, it just takes practice. It takes listening, listening, listening.

Then talking, talking, taking.

Being a speaker of English, studier of English, and lover of all the forms of English. I have an admission:

Shakespeare gave me fits: Until I understood the humor and politics. Keven Branagh’s renditions helped me to understand the strange words on the Shakespearean page.

I couldn’t understand Jane Austin until I saw A&E’s version of Pride and Prejudice. Until I could hear the intonation, and inflection the book was lost on me.

So for all of you who are challenged with inflections, idioms, or local customs of Texas, I thought I would share some Texan inflections of two words. As of Today, there are 1000 people a day moving to Texas, and they have no clue what we are talking about. Here is a sample.

You Good. It means many things here, and if you are ever traveling to the Republic of Texas, here’s how to translate these two English words while in the Republic: YOU GOOD.

Image from Pinterest.

And there’s my contribution to society for the betterment, wellbeing, and understanding.


This has been a week, Old friends reacquainted, and old friends not happy with me.

Emerson to the rescue again.

Cheers to real friends. The ones who last and last with the imperfections of me.

On Emerson again

I picked up my Emerson essays, and began to marvel at how his words are as important and relevant today as they were in 1841.

Image from Pinterest. Essay Self Reliance.

Today, I’m so grateful for a good nights rest, waking up early, life, breath, and watching the sun come up with my dogs and my coffee.

35 years ago?

I was going through my Linked In connections, and sometimes they come up with suggestions.

Did my jaw drop when I saw a familiar face, and a familiar name come up on the screen. Do you know Bill?

Darned if I don’t.

You know in the movies, especially the time travel kind they will have a swirling vortex, or some kind of sling shot screen to pull the viewer from present to past, or past to present?

I think I went through one of those.

I was 19 again, I could hear him putting on his Irish Accent, whispering William Butler Yeats, telling me jokes, being my friend.

New Years in Boston, The Texas State Fair, hanging out in my section at the Cactus Bar and Grill, telling me about his family, hopes and dreams.

He’s quite successful now, and I took a chance and sent him a message.

Shock me twice, he remembered. He remembered more than me. He’s really happy, and I’m so happy for him.

To reconnect after all that time, and talking like we just saw each other yesterday.

It made me so happy.

Ode to a pepper grinder

Back in the 80’s, while I was in college and getting my first apartment I had to have a pepper grinder. It seemed so grown up to me.

My faithful grinder of pepper corns has bit the dust after 35 years of faithful service.

It’s been with me longer than my husband, longer than my children, longer than 99% of everything else in my house.

Such a faithful, constant fixture that I won’t part with, I’ll just retire to my treasure shelf and employ another grinder for my daily pepper.

It’s the little things that we get used to. I’m so grateful it lasted as long as it did.

Get your own door!

I love manners. Please, Thank you, Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir, how can I help you.

It melts me. Kindness and respect begetting kindness and respect.

I can’t tell you the number of times, when I’ve been hurrying along, high heels clicking, bags in tow, hurrying to a meeting, airport, or any function, and a kind gentleman, old, young, in between holds the door. It stops me every time. This kind person is waiting to give me a small kindness, a gentle assistance, a simple gesture of respect. The simple “I See You” an acknowledgment of one’s existence.

I LOVE MEN WHO ARE GENTLEMEN!  There I’ve said it.  It’s the girliest thing to me, but when a man, acts like a gentleman and holds open the door, it’s one of my favorite things.

Manners don’t stop at gender, if someone is coming your way, hold the elevator, hold the door, acknowledge another human beings existence.  It’s why we are here.

I’m happy to say, I’ve given, and I’ve received these kindnesses, and I get a good laugh when people crap on them, and get their own comeuppance.