The anniversary.

24 Roses for 24 years. Such a simple and sweet gesture.

I’ve always appreciated my husband’s sincerity, generosity, and kindness. He knows that it has always been the little things that have made the biggest difference over the years. I am a very blessed woman to have a man like him.

24 years, pretty cool huh?


Sunday’s are mostly the best day of the week for me.

Working through the weekdays, chores and shopping on Saturday, with some exercise thrown in, then Sunday.

Sunday used to be very busy too especially when I was volunteering at church, I’d be there all day.

Now Sunday is rest, reflection, and maybe some time with friends. A little cooking if I have to get the meal planning started for the boys.

My favorite Sunday is to enjoy my clean home, curl up with a book and the dogs, maybe watch a movie.

I’m so grateful for the time to just be still.

Image found on Pinterest. There is an image credit there, but I can’t read it through the lace.

Self pity

Image from Pinterest via Live Purposefully Now.

It’s an odd season, and I find myself unusually irritated. So the only thing I know to do now, is to get back to Gratitude.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your day is amazing.

Northers, Lord of the Ring, and Taxes

Norther blew in and the temp dropped 20 degrees and started raining.

So I gathered up my income tax file, receipts, et al and started trudging through the taxes.

I gave up when I realized that I’m still missing a K1.

With the wind whistling outside, what could be better than a little Lord of the Rings.

Some days, you just have to find a spot on the couch with the dog, and a blanket, and some good old movies.

Windy night on the island

Galveston Island is a different sort of place.

It is beachy, homey, southern, industrial, and very windy.

I traveled to Galveston yesterday, and it was a stormy spring day. Galveston didn’t disappoint. The wind was epic, and sung to me all night long.

It moved the pool furniture across the deck of the hotel pool, and whistled around the 4th floor.

The thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed.

So instead of sleeping, I listened to the wind, whistle and moan.

The photos I took couldn’t capture what I was feeling, but I did find this on Pinterest.

Wind on the beach can be brutal, destructive, and quite impressive.

March is coming in like a lion. I hope we get the lamb weather soon.

A Cleaning Frenzy Saturday

I had a plan today. Get up, shred the expired important documents, empty and wash out the refrigerators, laundry, and grocery store to restock . I had tax returns from 2002, and lots of old financial records that were just taking up space.

The shredding took on a life of its own. 16 years of taxes, 5 very large garbage bags later, I had a filing cabinet cleaned out. Along the way I found old photos that had found their way into old files, a journal from 1990 that documented my divorce, so it was a bit like a treasure hunt. Little bits of our past showing themselves at odd moments. I even found a photo proof from my college graduation, of course I had to order by August of 1987….I might be a tad late.

After the shredding, I took on the small fridge in the laundry room that we keep extras in. Extra milk, bottles of water, beer, wine, defrosting meat, veggies, et al. Then onto the main fridge, and all the nooks and crannies are now all swept clean, wiped down, and refreshed.

Spring cleaning, it refreshes, and sweeps out the old gray of winter. I’m ready for the spring veggies, and every good thing.

It’s hard for me to dig through so much of the past, and let the past lie. The past, like the greedy winter likes to suck me back into the darkness. The future is very bright, I’ve got to stay focused on it.

Cleaning the house requires repetition, but I can’t say that I can say that it’s insanity. It’s one of those maintenance activities that actually makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve loved on my home. I’ve done something for my family. Cleaning is just one of those maintenance items that I do, I’ve just never found a service that can do the same kind of job that I do myself.

So now that the day is almost done, and I’m tired from a good day’s work, I’m getting a lovely glass of wine and putting my feet up.

Goals, no matter how small, mundane, or insignificant, when they are accomplished it is a great feeling.

You wouldn’t know S#*T from Shine-ola

I’ve heard this saying since I was a little girl.

But I never knew what Shine-ola was. I knew for sure what s#*t was. So in a little girl’s mind, I thought Shine-ola must be some kind of shoe polish. Right? Cause if you weren’t careful, you could step in s#*t, and it was brown, and shoe polish was either black or brown.

Reasonable conclusion? Maybe for a little girl.

Imagine how surprised I was today when I went into a nice jewelry store to have my wedding ring checked over and cleaned when I saw the Shinola Display.

It peaked my curiosity immediately.

Shinola is out of Detroit, and they make fabulous watches, journals, and other haberdashery. Now I know!

My gratitude Journey

(Image credit: Pinterest)

I hadn’t seen this quote before, but I just loved it.

Gratitude is Wine for the soul. I’m so glad that I started my journey, it has changed how I think about things so much.