Do I do it?

My gal pal Kimberly and I had lunch today.

I wanted to show her a picture on my phone.

“I found this boy for $400.00. Everyone else wants $850 or $900.”

She leaned in and said. “What does he look like?”

I think she thought I was referring to a different kind of boy. 😎

My quandary in getting a new puppy is my current dog Dolly.

Dolly is a bit camera shy. And she’s been in a real funk since our Rascal passed away in February.

At one point she stopped eating, lost 6 pounds, and got really anxious if I ever left the house.

She will play on occasion, but only for a few tosses of the ball. She insists on having the ball she and Rascal played with close to her when she eats and sleeps.

Dolly was very competitive with Rascal. If he wanted to play, she wanted to win. If he was on my lap, she was leaning against me. If he had food, she wanted to eat it.

Rascal took it all in stride, and always shared everything he had, as long as he could play. He didn’t care if she took his food, or if she’d steal his ball. It was all a game to him.

I don’t know if bringing a new puppy in would be good for her. Part of me thinks it will. She hates going outside by herself. She doesn’t want to be in the house by herself. She has lost her food motivation and has gotten thinner. She will go to her pillow and watch me.

Part of me wonders if she will resent the puppy. She’s the Only dog now, she’s got all of our attention, but she still seems sad. I know she misses her buddy. Will she accept a new buddy?

I have the puppy “wants” really bad. I miss my joy boy. I miss the wet ball he’d push on my hand to tell me he wanted to play. I miss when he’d push open the door to the bathroom to make sure he had me in his line of site. I miss the way he’d army crawl up from the foot of the bed to give me good morning kisses 20 minutes before the alarm would go off…his button tail just going 100 miles an hour so happy to get the day started. I miss the way he’d hang out with me in the yard while I worked in the flower beds. I miss the happy bark he’d make when I’d get his leash for a walk, or when I’d whisper “want to go see the cow friends?” He was joy on four paws. I miss the joy of having that loving, sweet, happy, ball of fluff in my life.

Of course, there is no replacing Rascal. I do hope that I can add back some sweet joy and energy to the house again, and not hurt Dolly in any way. She’s been a good dog. Loyal, powerful, and loving girlfriend. I hope I can help get some of her spark back too.

I’m just not sure. Puppies today are complicated. There are deposits, and contracts, and MDR1 carrier issues to think about. Why do I need a 3 page contact to buy a puppy? I found Rascal with the breeder outside of A Big Box hardware store on a Tuesday afternoon. He had the mom and dad too and was showing off their Frisbee skills and the puppies. I paid $300, and brought him home.

Maybe another rescue? Dolly was a rescue, but she had some major issues, very expensive….sometimes disturbing issues, that took us years, and a Rascal to fix.

To Puppy or Not to Puppy? That is the question.


Getting ready to make some quiche for lunches this week, and the I got the “smile of approval” from the eggs. Although, he looks like he could wipe his nose! 🤣

Some Sundays just start off fun.

Grateful today for Happy Food.

Ok….I’ll guess I’ll Zumba

My TRX trainer decided to go to Hawaii for a couple weeks and mess up my exercise schedule. Jeesh, the nerve of some folks! 🙄😁

What to do, what to do? I guess we’ll go Zumba.

I like Zumba for the cardio, but I really hate Twerking. I find it so gross! It’s awkward, and stupid, and even in a class full of gals, I’m not going to twerk. So I planked it out, and did push ups. Did some mountain climbers, and finished with a couple of Bupees. Boy did I get some looks. Oh well. My plank/push-up /Burpee solo did not get the respect From the Twerkie- nuts. If I’m doing Burpees, you know I must really hate twerking.

The thing I like about Zumba this week is my Bossy watch gives me big prompts for filling in my activity rings. 😎😜

Ive got the rest of the day to stand up….a lot. Hahahaha.

It just buzzed! Time to stand up.

How are you getting your activity done this week? If you have a Bossy Watch, does it motivate you or irritate you?

In the last couple of months of working out, I’ve slimmed down a little. Hair up was in May, Hair down was mid July. My arms, waist, and hips are starting to change, and change is good.

Grateful today

Image from Pinterest.

Yesterday was a hectic whirlwind of activity. Vacuum, mop, dust, Grocery store, laundry, and a Pork Shoulder done in the crock pot, with my first attempt at Naan bread. Everything came together like a symphony.

I love a full day, and climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets. There is a definite feeling of well being and sleepiness.

You might be thinking….”Wendy, you worked all day! What are you grateful for?”

I guess I’m grateful that I can. I have the physical, and mental ability to get things done. I’ve always enjoyed that moment, when the house is clean and I sit for a moment in pure satisfaction….even knowing it will soon be dirty again, but for now it is clean.

I got one of those Bossy Watches

My Bossy watch,

Tells me when to stand up

It tells me when to walk

It reminds me that I need to breath

It a wonder it doesn’t talk.

It buzzes when I reach a goal,

Encourages me when I win.

It shows me who needs to talk

Or has texted once again.


Do you have a bossy watch?

Do you let it answer the phone and talk into it, like Dick Tracy?

Does anyone remember Dick Tracy?

So true

This jumped out at me this morning on Pinterest.

I’m so grateful for reminders that it’s ok to be myself.

My sales coach this week was talking about this too. Being me, is my best chance for real success in all aspects of my life.

When I hide me, I lose. Why would I want to lose?

I wish I had been taught this as a kid!

Today I’m grateful for friends, lessons, and being where I belong.

Tolkien on my mind.

Today the Movie Tolkien is out for streaming. Of course I bought it, and have watched it again.

It got me wondering about his fellowship. And I ordered his friend’s book of poetry, “A Spring Harvest” by Jeffery Bache Smith. It’s actually available on Amazon, probably because JRR Tolkien wrote the forward.

Tolkien was required reading for me in 7th grade…..The Hobbit was my entree into Tolkien’s world.

My family had just moved to Texas, and I didn’t have any friend yet, so I found my friends in books. What a better way to enjoy friends than to disappear into Middle Earth and travel along with Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarves of Erebore.

What I adored the most was the sense of honor, nobility, friendship, good vs evil, the contributions all can make. Oh, plus the language, the poetry, were big attractions for me. It was simple, but really compelling language that still speaks to kids today.

Reading more, and learning more about Tolkien has been fabulous.

I found this quote that I thought was perfect for today.

A little get away

I was excited to get away from the Houston heat to Denver, and what do you know? The heat came with me. 100 degrees in Denver when we landed, no cars at Avis even when I prepaid for my rental…….

Things started off rough, especially since I was traveling with my husband.

He went with me on my sales calls on Friday before we drove to the mountains. I think he has a different perspective now on what I do…..he now knows that I drive a lot, talk a little, go to dinner occasionally, and answer a lot of email.

We drove to Rye, CO. Up the mountain road thru the San Isabel National Forest to Lake San Isabel to a lovely remote cabin.

Lake San Isabel.

The view from the porch.

It was off the roof from the cabin, so it we didn’t have to worry about bears. The owner warned us not to keep any food in the car, bears have been known to open unlocked car doors and ransack the interior for food.

We hung out at our cousins cabin too, and had a treat watching some Turkeys.

There were 2 hens and 10 babies. They were funny!

We saw mule deer, Big Horn Sheep, and lots of beautiful country.

On a hike with our cousin, he kept pointing out poop. Deer poop, Elk poop, Bear poop. The more he pointed out poop, the happier he and my husband became. He would show us how the bears had ripped up some old tree trunks, and stumps looking for termites. He would show us where the mountain lions would hide if they were stalking us. We saw a pretty nice mountain lion paw print in the soft mud.

I got a little nervous, and was definitely out of breath in the altitude. I have to say….the poop was interesting.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the humming birds that were interested in my red toe nails. I was reading a book on the porch, and I felt this flutter on my toes. Looking up I had a humming bird hovering over my feet, looking for a flower, or another humming bird feeder. I didn’t have my camera handy. It would have been a cool shot.

A storm blew through early Saturday evening. I had forgotten how the thunder sounds in the mountains.

Sadly, we had to come home.

It was a nice get away. No internet, no phones, just fresh air, mountains, and enjoyment.