Pet names

I’ve been called many things over the years, but my favorite pet name that I’ve been called is “Fred”.

Bet you weren’t expecting that?

What is the best Pet Name you’ve been called, or called someone else?

Where did pet names come from, I wonder?

OMg, it’s only 12:30 on a Tuesday

I’ve been running since yesterday morning, tearing up my To-Do List, attending meetings, working out, cooking, cleaning, doing the NAPMW financial report for September, conference calls, reports, having sushi with my buddy Kimberly.

I looked at the clock a few minutes ago…….It’s only 12:30 on a Tuesday and I’ve done enough in a day and a half that it is justifiably Thursday morning at least. Just saying.

Can I just skip ahead? Can I pass Go and collect my $200 please?

I have a small family

Nobody left from my parent’s generation for my niece and nephew.

Just me and my brother for our generation from our family.

I woke up today thinking of my niece and nephew. They may not have grandparents, but they have an Aunt Wendy.

I found some fun costumes for play on Amazon and sent them out.

My niece M modeling the chefs costume I sent out. She’s a very serious cook!

Running away

I ran away yesterday afternoon to my favorite Garden space, The Arbor Gate in Tomball, TX.

Wandering around amongst the plants, in a nearly deserted nursery I got to touch all the wonderful herbs,and see all the beautiful things.

The bees were a nice surprise.

I’m so grateful for time to see, touch, and enjoy the wonderful things of nature.

You talk too much

When I’m in the mood to talk, I tend to gush. Same thing for writing.

I may have gone too far with a friend of mine who let me know that they weren’t interested in my email correspondence. Oh well.

Onward and upward?

The VW Bug and 80’s Radio

When I was a wee lass in the 1980’s, barely 19 I drove a 1970 VW bug all around Dallas, TX.

The problem was, it had a terrible valve problem, guzzled oil like no one’s business, and it had no air conditioning. I had a radio, and a fancy cassette stereo installed, that I had gotten for my 18th birthday. It was a 4 speed on the floor with a very sticky clutch, and NO acceleration.

It was a ‘beater with a heater’, and I was supremely thankful to have wheels.

Flash forward 36 years later, and I’m on a business trip in Orlando, and my rental car is none other that the current model VW Bug, red, it’s not a stick, and it has Air Conditioning! The nostalgic part for me was the black interior, the low profile, and the radio station tuned to a 1980’s themed station.

There is nothing like rolling with the windows down, listening to the Bangles, Tom Petty, Prince, and Duran Duran, driving a VW bug, and knowing all the words to the songs.

Where have the years gone?

Mid-Century Modern

This cool old stove is in my Mother-in-law’s house, which will soon go on the market. She’s enjoying her assisted living home, thank goodness. I’m so happy she is doing well. She’s gained some weight, she gets to go to Mass every day, play dominos with several of her cousins, and she’s across the street from her sister, brother, and brother-in-law. All good things.

My husband wants to keep the stove from his mom’s house for our place in the country. I think it’s charming. It’s a little time capsule.

The more I look at it, the more I like it. If it can be converted to use propane, I think it will be a done deal.

Isn’t it charming?