It’s hot

The fun of South Texas is the extreme weather. We were spoiled in April and May. It was dry, cool, sunny, and beautiful. Now it’s June in Texas. 96 degrees, 85% humidity a little overwhelming.

Here we go Texas Summer!


There is something great about a southern storm. The thunder, the wind changes direction, the sky darkens, and you can smell the rain before it starts.

The humidity is heavy, until it breaks and the lovely rain falls.

The rain is amazing.

Windy night on the island

Galveston Island is a different sort of place.

It is beachy, homey, southern, industrial, and very windy.

I traveled to Galveston yesterday, and it was a stormy spring day. Galveston didn’t disappoint. The wind was epic, and sung to me all night long.

It moved the pool furniture across the deck of the hotel pool, and whistled around the 4th floor.

The thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed.

So instead of sleeping, I listened to the wind, whistle and moan.

The photos I took couldn’t capture what I was feeling, but I did find this on Pinterest.

Wind on the beach can be brutal, destructive, and quite impressive.

March is coming in like a lion. I hope we get the lamb weather soon.