When yoga makes you cry

This is the beginning of a journey, and I bit off more than I could chew.  Are you still beginning 4 months in?  How long did it take Louis and Clark to get to the Pacific?  Dang it, I’m going to cry again. 

As strong as I’ve gotten since March, I wasn’t prepared for today’s class, a hot class 96 degrees and far more advanced than I.  I’ve always been strong, until I wasn’t. This is a very long journey back. 

Needless to say, I was shaken, exhausted, and ready to barf at the end of the hour.  

Crow?  No….not yet.  No Chataranga yet.  No Ashtaranga yet.  No, I’m not into my wheel yet.  You want me to grab my big toe, and do a one arm one leg side plank?……Ok.  I actually did that move, now I will just get into my child pose, and catch my breath.  After 20 Vinyasa ( the rest portion of the class –which is plank, to up dog, to down dog in a fluid movement), planks held , 3 legged dogs to plank, runner’s pose, wild things, side planks, chair twists, tree on blocks, dancer’s pose on blocks, and whatever else turned me into a pile of weeping mush.

Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett.  If I can move tomorrow, I will try again.

Yoga made me cry……yoga is not for sissies.  Expletive here#%\\€£¥!!!

Stories behind the black eye!

I woke up extra tired today.

It didn’t seem like I could get going.

So I took my shower, and what did I see in the mirror when I got out?

A black eye!  Well a nasty black spot under my right eye.  The make up just can’t cover it up.

What the heck?  What an odd little patch?  I think the make-up makes it look worse.

The only thing I can think of that might have caused the odd discoloration would be practicing my headstands.

I got a new Yoga Wheel, and yesterday I showed off some of my headstand skill to my husband.  Let me tell you, he was impressed.



Truly, he thought it was cool.

I must have busted a blood vessel, and ta-da, a little black eye.


I need an awesome story to go along with it……it’s such a little patch.  Maybe I got hit in the eye with a sparkler?  Fight with a Fairy Princess with a tiny little fist?  Poked myself in the face with a pencil?

I almost hope it gets a little bigger, so I can come up with a better story.

Zumba Wednesday # 4 class in total—not the 4th Wednesday!

My 4th Zumba class,

Why are these ladies asking me questions?  Why are they looking to me for answers?  How in the world did I get to be an expert?  Oh….NO NO NO NO. Nine, Niente, No, Ninzte, Nada, Nunca, PHWEE, Stop,  and any other NO word you can find!  Ugh UH… AINT Happening!  I’m not going to the front of the class cause you showed up with your friends….I’m really happy in middle land….no man’s land, the land of the unmolested, unslapped, and able to see what’s going on.

The class was packed today.

Why the newbies were looking to me…poor lovelies, I’m just not that gal…see my three fabulous solos..I don’t know most of the steps.  Really, we count to 2-3-4 then finish out with a 5 count?  I’m so uncoordinated!  How do you split up an 8 count in  to 3 and 5?  Then hit some imaginary bongos, and shake?

How do you count from 2-3-4+ 5-6-7-8+1?

Why don’t we start with 1?  Oh, cause I guess it’s Zumba.

I’m rewiring my brain, and having a super good time doing it!

It’s the most fun I’ve had in a while.   Just….Give me some room folks, I’m just saying…I might have a solo coming on, and I’m not responsible for my lack of coordination.