Never Forget

We were riveted to the media on that day–9-11-01.

I first heard the report as I dropped my youngest son at school.

Turning to the news when I got home, I stared in horror as the footage of the first tower burning, was interrupted with the 2nd plane hitting the other tower.

The news of the Pentagon being hit. The news of the plane crashing in Pennsylvania.

Evil was on display that day, But Good was on bigger display. God Bless those that ran in to help those in need.

My prayers for the families that survived, ever changed by 9-11-01.

Photos from Pinterest.

Gifts from my heart

The bags are stuffed and ready to go,

It’s Go-time for the client gifts to be given out.

I loaded up my car with the offerings; the lovely soap, the lotion bars, and scrubber gloves. A hand written note on the ingredients, a little demonstration on the lotion bar, a little warning on how long it takes for the heavy lotion to sink into the skin, and lots of hugs. My favorite kind of sales calls.

I got my first review today. It’s the most amazing thing to give something from your hands and heart and for it to be well received. My client, and friend Staci tried the soap, lotion, and scrubber gloves last night. She even scrubbed her face! The loofah gloves probably aren’t the best thing for the face, but whatever works for her!

A happy client, a happy Wendy…..A Win-Win all around.

Allergic to the Letter “E” challenge response

My ‘friend’ and great PIA, from the VPUB has challenged me, and I must respond before we hit the road to check on the BEES!  I really must, you know how it is.  This exercise was really fun, really hard, and stretched my vocabulistics in a way that was a great challenge.


The Allergic to the Letter E Challenge:

1.  Write a whole paragraph without any word containing the letter “e”.
2.  By reading this you are already signed up.
3.  Challenge at other bloggers to do the challenge.
4.  If you fail or don’t participate suffer in the Page of Lame.
5.  If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

Here it goes:

Bit by bit and around and around. I push, I play, I pound and pound.  I am.  I lust.  I brawl and bust.  Bit by bit, through pit and pond, I slink about and walk along. What am I?

OK….It’s more of a free form poem/riddle/thing.  But it counts!

My nominees are:  Edward Roads from my two sentencesLorrie Bowden, and Quoth The Wordsmith

There is no obligation, I’m just saying this is a fun stretching of your writing talent!






Push away the negative talk:

You can’t do it.

They don’t want you.

You aren’t enough.

Push away the memories:

Your shoulders are stooped.

Your skin looks terrible.

You are sharper than swords, and ready to fight.

No one wants you around.

Push away the image:

You are fat.

Your hair is gray and falling out.

Your don’t belong.

Push to the light:

You are enough.

You have enough.

You do enough.

Push till you can’t hear them anymore.  


Snake farm…Drama Drama Drama!“>

Ray Wylie Hubbard is the only Bard who can bring this situation the music it deserves. It is a sing along….not exactly Kum Bai Ya, if you know what I mean, but it’s catchy.

We had our own version of Snake Farm this evening.  The floods pushed the rats out first, the snakes soon followed.

These were the biggest snakes we have seen in the 8 years we’ve been here.

They might have been Moccasins, they might have been Rat Snakes.  But when they flatten their heads and strike like a viper, they get to meet the wrong end of the shovel.

I was picking beans when we found them.  They were in my garden, not cool.

The one you see to the left of the screen was about 3 1/2 feet long, the one on the right was close to 5 feet, and was quite heavy to dispose of….they must have been feasting on some big rodents.

I want to thank my friend Rob, and the VPUB for instructing me how to insert a You Tube Video correctly!  Thanks!

I want to thank my men, my husband David, and son Zach who sent the beasts to their reward.  Quite the team effort to save the Mama.  I’m very grateful.





In sales, I have learned that getting anyone to change their habits and use your product or service is the toughest part of the job, even if they love the superiority, and ease of use, old habits die hard.

As a woman, I find that giving up old habits, old mind sets is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done.

It’s so easy to fall into what’s comfortable.  But it isn’t always beneficial.

Today I am grateful for gentle reminders, as old habits die of starvation.  They aren’t fully dead yet, but they are looking mighty sickly.

He is Risen indeed!


Photo courtesy of

Happy Easter, He is risen indeed!

My favorite “he is risen” story is in Acts when he walks with the two on the road to Emmaeus.  The two were so sad because Jesus had been crucified, and they didn’t recognize him.  But Jesus being Jesus didn’t leave them sad, he revealed himself and gave them the assurance of his triumph.

I haven’t “seen” Him, but I believe He’s alive and that His love is the greatest gift in my life.

Enjoy your day.

Cluttered to cleared

My thoughts have been very dark for the last few weeks.  

As panic set in and desperation threatened to take over, I knew if I didn’t make a change, I would spiral out of control and lose this battle I have been thrust into.

I cannot lose.  I cannot quit till I win.

My dark thoughts have to be replaced.  It will be an exersize of will, and conscious effort.

It will be a gift of Grace and Favor that will pull me through.

Keep me in your best thoughts and prayers. 



Today I am grateful for supportive friends, loving husband, Faith in Jesus, reminders that I am an overcomer, and sweet puppy dogs.  

Nose up

It is said that attitude is everything.  So is perspective. 

Are you looking up?  Or looking down?


In aviation, it’s referred to as “nose up”.

When the wind blows against you, and you are knocked about, which way do you look?