A little sight seeing

Driving around Detroit, we found the Motown museum.

We saw a beautiful Church in Ohio.  Attending a wedding in an old church with no A/C on the first 90 degree day, it was a wee bit hot.  The Priest was really cute, he cut the service short stating the bride and groom would be just as married if he spoke for 20 minutes or 60.  I adore clergy with a sense of humor.  

We enjoyed a bit of Americana at the War Memorial in Findlay, OH.  I adore small towns with a sense of honor and history.

Lest We Forget.  Three haunting words in the midst of the flags, the names of the fallen who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and the tribute from their grateful neighbors and friends.

Finishing up the day with a local brew.  Some of the names made me smile.  I’m glad they make an IPA for a Rough Day.  But I went with the Fathead’s Sunshine Day Dream.
Have you seen anything good in this Lovely Month of June?

In the garden

The light was just right, and the flowers were ready to show off.

In the time before the heat bleaches the color from the leaves,

The rain has brought out some very happy blooms.

Photos by me. 

Fun and games at Total Wine

Shopping for wine can be a down right hoot!

We got a Total Wine down the street, so I popped in to check them out.  LOTS of wine choices is an understatement. Most of them I had never seen before.

Check it out. 

A Wink between Butter, and on top of the Sexy Wine Bomb.

I liked the bold labels.  The Sexy Wine Bomb had a bomb on the top wrapper too.  The Wink had a big Smoochie on the screw top.   That meant I had to pick up a bottle of each for my neighbor, she keeps her novelty bottles.

I passed on the Bitch, and What you see is What you get.  The white looked too pale, and there is something in my soul that can’t buy a wine called Bitch, even if it has a pink label. That’s just me. 

I will find out tonight if “blends have more fun.”


A Friday in April

It’s been a beautiful week, 

Full of ups and downs.

More ups than downs.

The sun has been warm, the breeze soft 

As we have slipped into April.

Wild flowers blooming, trees leafing,

Is there anything more beautiful that a new green leaf

Or a field full of flowers?

Sitting on my porch, my lemon and orange trees have flowered,

The fragrance is better than jasmine.

I can’t wait for the fruit to come, 

But it won’t be ripe till December. 

Until then, I will enjoy the day.

I hope your first Friday in April is beautiful. 

Oh my coffee!

I do love my coffee.  When Starbucks introduced their Verona blend for Valentine’s Day, they called it their Lovers coffee. I’ve been a faithful fan for about 15 years.

When Starbucks started doing really dumb political things, it bothered me.  Politics tends to mess up most things. 

 I tried a new coffee brand, and Surpise!  I really like it, and they are Vetran owned. 

So meet Black Rifle Coffee!  

Every bag of coffee is roasted when it’s ordered, so it takes a little longer to ship it.  I would recommend you order in bulk if you like it.  We started small, found two we really enjoyed, and ordered more from there.  I adore the Beyond Black and the AK47 espresso.  Really good stuff that AK47 espresso, so smooth. 

I still like my Verona, but if I can support a Vetran with my coffee purchase, and really enjoy the product, I’m on board.

I love the website too.  I want to try their, F^*k Hipster blend, but it’s on a major back order, go figure. 

Classic Rock Sunday

What is Classic Rock?  I guess that depends on how old you are.

Trying a little experiment, I went to the classic rock tab on I-Heart Radio….it was a lot of 80’s stuff, which was fun.  Billy Idol was one of my favorites, so I cranked it up for Dancing with Myself and danced around the kitchen.  But for me that was college music.


The Big Dog when I was a Sr. in High School was AC/DC.  Back in Black was on the radio, and we played it loud.  So AC/DC was high school music.


But, this isn’t Classic Rock to me.  I had to go back to the 70’s.  The era that formed my musical appreciation.  What was it that I liked first.

Give me some Queen.


Give me some Boston, Eagles, Elton John.  Or Some Bowie, Petty, Springsteen, ELO, Chicago, Moody Blues even.  Oh how about Steely Dan, CCR, Skynyrd, The Who.

When this girl wants to get her rock on, it’s got to be something pure, real singers, real musicians, and something authentic.  Haven’t heard any rockers with a flautist since the Moody Blues.  Who uses horns like Chicago or the Eagles anymore?  I appreciate the rock bands that could integrate a full orchestra.  What a full, rich, rocking sound.

One of the first concerts I went to was ELO.  What a show.  Loved the Spaceship.  It was the first time I ever smelled pot, and I had to find someone with an extra lighter for me to hold up during the encore.

No one carries lighters anymore…..damn cell phones.  It’s not the same.


What’s Classic to you?

Hello Monday

Image credit. Princess Bride via funnyasfuck.net

What gets you going on a Monday besides coffee?  Humor?  Will Power?  Joy?  Happiness?  Fear?

Hoping your week is full of every good thing.

Thursday Attitude

Image credit bossbabe.com

I’m choosing to display a little more sass today.

Another interview yesterday. It went as well as the last 4 this year.  It would be a great job to get. 

But….if I don’t get chosen for this one either.  It will be just fine.  I’m going to keep moving, keep believing that there is something fabulous out there waiting for me.

ENTJ/INTJ only 4% are women

Personality profiles.  How to explain the abstract facets of a person’s persona.  Have you ever wondered what makes a person tick?  Have you ever wondered why someone doesn’t quite fit into a “box”?  

It turns out I’m a Unicorn, according to Meyers Briggs, and Jungian psychology.

Women who take this test will score high in the Feeling and Percieving segments. Men score high in the Thinking and Judging segments.  Men and women score similarly in the Introvert/Extrovert.

 This is a description from a Myers Briggs Personality Indicator test.  I’ve taken it many, many times in my professional capacities in multiple corporations.  I will sway between ENTJ and INTJ depending on the pressure I am dealing with.  Less pressure, I’m more of an extrovert.  More pressure, I pull in and focus.  Understand? Extrovert-Introvert/Intuitive/Thinking/Judging is what the initials stand for.  In other jargons….I’m an extreme Left Brain dominant individual.  Not common for a woman.

Image credits:  flyicarusfly.com, instagram#3, and Pinterest.

I never understood why people were afraid of me.  But now I am more aware of it, and I care substantially less about it in most cases.  I meter out my responses to be prudent but I’m tired of the continually offended.  That is their disease.  

I am an Unicorn.  Spirited.  Unique.  Free.  Precious.  Unusual.  Rare.  Priceless.  Fearless.  Authentic.  Logical.  True.  Loyal.  Devoted.  Defender of good.  Destroyer of the feckless.  Unapologetic.

Image credit. One lost dark angel

With Spirited being the writing prompt for today, and Unaplogetic being my word for the year, I’m giving you a little glimpse into the life of this Unicorn.