The VW Bug and 80’s Radio

When I was a wee lass in the 1980’s, barely 19 I drove a 1970 VW bug all around Dallas, TX.

The problem was, it had a terrible valve problem, guzzled oil like no one’s business, and it had no air conditioning. I had a radio, and a fancy cassette stereo installed, that I had gotten for my 18th birthday. It was a 4 speed on the floor with a very sticky clutch, and NO acceleration.

It was a ‘beater with a heater’, and I was supremely thankful to have wheels.

Flash forward 36 years later, and I’m on a business trip in Orlando, and my rental car is none other that the current model VW Bug, red, it’s not a stick, and it has Air Conditioning! The nostalgic part for me was the black interior, the low profile, and the radio station tuned to a 1980’s themed station.

There is nothing like rolling with the windows down, listening to the Bangles, Tom Petty, Prince, and Duran Duran, driving a VW bug, and knowing all the words to the songs.

Where have the years gone?

Keep a Little Soul

I’ve always been a Tom Petty Fan.  I kinda grew up with him.  Like the Eagles, or ELO. or any of the Classic Rock bands, he was on the radio during those High School years where everything had a song associated with it.

Songs you got dressed to go to school, songs that you listened to on the way home, songs you played while doing homework, songs that sang you to sleep, songs you cranked up while riding with the windows down on a summer night.

I heard an unreleased song the other day.  My Sirius XM radio is continually on the Tom Petty Channel.  Keep A Little Soul.  I was surprised to hear that a new Album of his is coming out on September 28th.  Posthumously, Tom Petty is still rocking out, and fans are still hanging on.

God Bless you Tom Petty.




Well Worn Frets


I lay the old guitar on my lap, and strum.

The strings are not in tune, but the instrument is so familiar.

I pick out a few cords, find my keys, and start to tune up my grandfather’s guitar.

It’s a well played, and much beloved part of the family.

Can I do it justice?

I see the indentations made by my grandpa.  He would play and sing for us, every chance he got.

He was raised in the hills of West Virginia.  Blue Grass, Gospel, Folk music in his blood.  He would play.  I can still hear him.  It would make him so happy, if we would just sit and listen to the music in his soul.

I could find, G.  I could find D. C sounded terrible.  F eluded me, I think I’m still not tuned right.

The warm ups came back, and I was able to get to G minor, but F….where is F? F minor?

Just a little reminder, and a little effort.  A little toughening of the finger tips.  It will come back, and I can wear those frets out a little more.

My attempt at a song a day

Oh, thank you  for the nod Diane,  to join into the song a day challenge.

I may just jump in this once.  I’m not as musical, or an over achiever like Meg.

Music speaks to me specifically, so many ways.  It doesn’t matter if it is pop, rock, gospel, classical, comical, cartoon, or what.  I love music.

So Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande in Faith from SING….Oh yea.  I got faith!



Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Party Like it’s 1999, Little Red Corvette

Photo credit. Purple Rain Movie

1984, College, Party, Dancing, the Movie.

Prince was everywhere.  I remember running off to watch the movies with friends.  We did what we could to emulate the dance moves. We were damn awesome for little white college girls.  I might credit Purple Rain as the basis of why I love Zumba!

Ruffles, lace, purple,velvet…..anything tactile and sensual.

Partying on an 80’s dance floor to Red Corvette, and Party like it 1999 it brings back awesome memories.

Sitting in a bar in San Antonio last year, they started playing Purple Rain…the whole album.  I had several people around me my age…we started sharing stories about our party days and Prince.  Why the airport bar played the whole album, I don’t know but it was really fun.

I don’t know what happened to the Artist formerly, or recently, or perpetually known as Prince.  But he will ever be a part of my youth.