My attempt at a song a day

Oh, thank you  for the nod Diane,  to join into the song a day challenge.

I may just jump in this once.  I’m not as musical, or an over achiever like Meg.

Music speaks to me specifically, so many ways.  It doesn’t matter if it is pop, rock, gospel, classical, comical, cartoon, or what.  I love music.

So Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande in Faith from SING….Oh yea.  I got faith!



Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Party Like it’s 1999, Little Red Corvette

Photo credit. Purple Rain Movie

1984, College, Party, Dancing, the Movie.

Prince was everywhere.  I remember running off to watch the movies with friends.  We did what we could to emulate the dance moves. We were damn awesome for little white college girls.  I might credit Purple Rain as the basis of why I love Zumba!

Ruffles, lace, purple,velvet…..anything tactile and sensual.

Partying on an 80’s dance floor to Red Corvette, and Party like it 1999 it brings back awesome memories.

Sitting in a bar in San Antonio last year, they started playing Purple Rain…the whole album.  I had several people around me my age…we started sharing stories about our party days and Prince.  Why the airport bar played the whole album, I don’t know but it was really fun.

I don’t know what happened to the Artist formerly, or recently, or perpetually known as Prince.  But he will ever be a part of my youth.