Moon shadows, madness, frustration, and tears

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This is the week I’m supposed to hear.  

Monday silent.  Tuesday I email to follow up.  

Internet goes down.  Husband doesn’t understand.  

Files go missing.  Passwords disappear.

Ladders to reach equipment that are put in the most inconvenient part of the closet.

Biggest ladder, I’m still too short to reach what I need.


Apps don’t work.

Passwords are lost.

Techs don’t speak English.

Still no call.  Still no job.  It’s only Tuesday….don’t panic.

The moon pulls at me, full last night, and up way past noon.

I put on the shoes and get ready to run.

Stretching 2 miles into three.

362 calories burned?  Are you kidding?  

That’s a lot of effort for so little reward.


I have talent.  I have gifts.

I’m ready.  I’m out there.

I’m not F’ing around.

Full moons, inner werewolves, and weepiness

I wake on the morn of the full moon….weepy, shaky, and jittery with the feeling that something is coming.

The bad dreams leave a slimy residue in my mind that coffee just can’t seem to wash away.


I read for a bit, and the feeling continues.  

So I grab my husband and drag him to the bedroom.

He’s happy, I’m still shaky, and the anticipation, the high alert knowing that something is coming will not leave.

I haven’t tried punching anyone in the face.  That might be bad.  I’m thankful I haven’t lost all judgement.

I don’t want to go back to bed since the dreams won’t leave me, so I will prepare myself for all eventualities, and blame the moon for her gravity.