In the quiet,

my mind wanders, so I catch it

and pin it down.

Look to the sky

Look to the stars

Look, my love, Look around.

This time of quiet has me thinking, maybe too much.  Feeling stuck, as I do, I’m craning my neck about to see things in a new light, from a new angle, and a new perspective.  I’m asking myself ‘what am I missing?’ and searching for it.

My friend Staci from A God Colored Girl In a Grey World posted a beautiful work and poem on the 16th about the transformation of the butterfly.

Feeling a little wormy, and a little stuck in my cocoon, I tried a little adjustment today in my perspective to get a better view.  I’m just a bit weepy over it, but I’m sure all will be well tomorrow (later this morning, anyway).  That’s why I’m up at 2:34 am writing on my blog……I know, I know….Go to bed.

Today, I’m grateful for time to read great blogs, respond to lovely comments, for friends, zumba, and something good coming my way.