Just say NO!

Ok this has been a week of really weird news, and this Pumpkin Spice Spam should be put in the same file as the Bill Clinton in the Blue Dress. Is it the full moon?

Has the World gone Nuts? No? It’s gone freaking Spam Pumpkin spice. No! No! No!

When truth is stranger than fiction

A portrait by Petrina Ryan-Klein of former US President Bill Clinton that was hanging in the deceased J. Epstein’s Manhattan, NY home.

This was published in the DailyMail.co.uk today along with a photo of Hilary Clinton wearing a similar blue dress at an event.

Love Clinton or Hate him, this is just……stupid. And it will probably be sold at auction for millions.

A Beloved Texas Staple Sold

Whataburger, a Texas based, family owned, best burger in town…..sold.


Nolan Ryan, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers, plus the spokesperson for Whataburger for decades.

Texans are outraged and a little disgusted. Just like you can’t get good salsa from New York City, you can’t let a Chicago based firm make a Whataburger, it won’t be the same.

A Texas treasure sold to a freaking Chicago investment firm.

Oye. I’m just completely bummed out.


There are times when I put myself out there, then I regret the emotional robbing, when I realize I should have held myself back.

There are vampires out there that are generational. They’ve counted on their heritages then mock you when you consider yourself their equals.

They are empty sacks, and unworthy.

When will I ever learn?

Slowly fading

It’s been a really wild 30 days.

I’ve put so much out- professionally, personally, family-wise.

And it’s all been for nothing.

All the effort, commutation, travel, planning, all of it.

Now it’s all turned to nothing.

I think I will take some time off, and just refocus.

I chide myself….what was I thinking?

I’m grateful to wake up and move on.

Not the greatest day

Tomorrow will be better,

But I have to deal with now.

Contingencies, safety,

But when, and who, and how?

I can talk, and talk. And TALK,

But what is ever heard?

I can shut my mouth,

And they demand every word.

What in the hell do I know?

Stop asking me.

Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett

The email and texts continue. Since last March, Desperate, dramatic plea after plea for campaign money fills my inboxes.

I can’t count the number of emails that I’ve unsubscribed, and they just keep coming.

If they don’t have enough money by now, it’s just not going to happen.

Tomorrow, the Mid Term madness will have some sort of conclusion, and maybe my email will settle down.

OMg, it’s only 12:30 on a Tuesday

I’ve been running since yesterday morning, tearing up my To-Do List, attending meetings, working out, cooking, cleaning, doing the NAPMW financial report for September, conference calls, reports, having sushi with my buddy Kimberly.

I looked at the clock a few minutes ago…….It’s only 12:30 on a Tuesday and I’ve done enough in a day and a half that it is justifiably Thursday morning at least. Just saying.

Can I just skip ahead? Can I pass Go and collect my $200 please?

Is there a magic rule?

There is something about real life, and trying to spend time with someone.

One of the things I wanted most from my parents was that they spend time with my children and get to know them.

I’m beginning to wonder if that was just an odd request from me.

Being near family, I am starting to realize that not everyone wants time.

I’m here to spend it, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest. My son is busy, my brother is busy, my sister in law is busy, the kids are busy, busy, busy, busy, busy……. We’ve only had this trip planned since April.

I’m glad my VRBO is cheap, and close to where I need to be.

Hanging out until the birthday party tonight and watching something really sad on Netfix. I hope it goes well tonight. I’m ready to go home.

Gifts are cheap when not wanted.

Summer colds winter remedies

A clingy cough, fever and chills won’t budge with the codeine cough medicine prescribed last week.

The 48 hour virus has outlived itself three times. I’ve fired my doctor.

Now I’ve brought out the big guns to banish this woeful condition.

It’s quite effective. I have to say.

My ears stopped hurting, my nose cleared, my cough calmed down….and I’m entirely relaxed, or just exhausted from coughing for the last 5 nights.

Today I’m grateful to be on the mend, and for the Rye whiskey I found buried deep in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

I don’t care for hard liquor. So instead of plain water, I made some chamomile tea, and added some extra lemon.